Florida state test

Is there anyone here familiar with the Florida Home Inspection Test. I’ve completed my 120 hr course and signed up for the test. Its seems the 120hr course focused more on northern states which really doesnt apply here in Florida. We don’t have basements. Pretty much everything is slab on grade. We dont have furnaces or boilers. We do have a lot of termite and mold issues but the course didnt really go to far into that. I just want to make sure I study appropriately for the state test.
Any help or advise woukd be greatly appreciated!!!

Seems to me you would have better luck posting in the FLORIDA INSPECTORS section!!!

You would probably be right. Lol… sorry, new to all this and didn’t see Florida has its own section…

My experience upon taking the test here in Oregon was that there were a lot of questions about things that I never studied about, and this was after learning ASHI, Nachi, and other materials. Passed with a good score, however, Just learn as much as you can before the test.