Fluke Smartview & Stuff

If you want to save your pics and use in a regular report or Word Doc / NOT the Smartview Software - do you do it when you take the pic OR when you download it to your computer OR some other way?

Once you’ve adjusted the images in the software, you can then export them to a file as jpg, gif, or bitmap. Or simply create a stand alone report from the included MS Word 2007 templates.

The image captured by a Fluke camera is proprietary (.IS2) file and cannot be viewed like a jpg in a slide show until you export as said above.

You can take them as a bmp, but the image will not be radiometric.


So is it best when taking them to do as an ISE or bmp IF you’re just going to save them in a Word Doc??

IS2 file, then let the software convert to word doc.