Help with FLUKE SmartView Please

This FLUKE software is driving me nuts. I take all my images in IS2 format so I can adjust them if needed.

What drives me crazy is having to go in an manually delete every one of the temp. markers on every single photo:mad: Is this necessary or is there a way around it?

I can click on the “edit all images” tab but it doesn’t allow me to remove the markers from the images. It only allows me to change from normal to ultra contrast and adjust the pallet.

I’ve read the directions 25 times and I can’t figure it out. Is it possible to capture in IS2 format and exclude the temp markers without opening every single image?

Don’t use Fluke?!??? :wink:

Sorry, I’d help if I could, “really”!

Me also;-) I would help but I don’t do Fluke my guess is no you have to visit each image give Bill Warner a call he will help you and he does the Fluke thingy

You could leave the center temp mark out when taking the images.

Here is your solution Brandon…

Yeah that might be a bit of an overkill to get rid of my temp. markers but it’s good to know I have options:D

So what’s up with yall discriminating against my camera? I saw every camera listed but the Ti-32.

Is that about the going rate on universal software or is that a more advanced program. I may be obtaining another FLIR in the near future and one program would be really nice, that is if it gets rid of the temp markers…

Simply turn your markers off on the imager settings itself for all images “captured”. I leave them off 99% of the time and rarely include marker data in my reports. Unless you have competently adjusted for reflected ambient temps, target emissivity, and distance to target spot ratios, your marker data is generic at best and may be grossly inaccurate.
When you have turned the markers “off” in the imager settings, they will not show up when you load them into SmartView until you manually turn them back on with the software whether they be “all markers” or individual. When you first load them, SmartView simply regurgitates the exact saved image and settings at the time they were “captured” form your imager until you edit them.