Way to keep a Fluke IR picture file large.

Fluke TIR & TIR1 software automatically reduces the IR picture file size when converted to jpg (around 12 to 36 kb). If your wanting one of the IR pictures to be a much larger file size, this is the only way I know of.

  1. Save image as an .is2 file - which is one of the file format options.

  2. Import the image into SmartView software and right click the mouse button, Zoom to 200%

  3. Go into your Start/programs/accessories/and start MS Paint and then copy the print screen into the Paint file.

  4. Copy the image that’s in Smartview and paste into the new paint file.

  5. Save as a .bmp file

For the picture I wanted to use, the Smartview 2.1 software converted the picture to a small 12 KB jpg. Using the method above, I was able to get a 900 KB bmp picture which worked fine for using on my truck.

My knowledge of computers is limited so if anyone knows of a better way of keeping a larger file size if wanted, I wouldn’t mind knowing about it.

I am sure you already did this, but the other on unit file setting is bmp. You could take that directly in to photo shop or whatever and manipulte it that way as well.

When you use .bmp (Non proprietary format) the image cannot be manipulated in SmartView.

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Kevin I have had some luck using photoscape, its a free download and it lets you resize pics. I used it to do some pic and scans for my web site and brochure.
It might be what you need.

Jason, does the software reduce the image when you export as a bmp?