Fluke TiR for $4045.oo

From my experience with both brands, that seems to be lacking on the national level, replies or assistance from local sales reps are slow to non-existent, contact with the mfg. forget about it.
After the manufactures are done with the price wars, hopefully they will see the necessity/value of having regional support/ service, and focus on providing answers to questions, and loaner units if repairs are needed.

I think that’ll be the IR manufacturers next step. The manufacturer who starts to open up satellite offices around the States will get most of the business.

Hey Dave
I got my FLIR B-CAM SD on Friday last week from Professional Equip finally, you were right about doing a imaging in my own home and you think that it’s a close as you can get to a pefect shot lolol, I’m glad I am taking the course with ITC, this will help me with everything I need to know. The camera was 6,750 but it came with everything, even a CD to get you started, but not enough to get you out on the jobsite, and also a report software.

Talk to ya soon…Im leaving in 2 weeks for the course in Vegas…I need to get out of this cold weather…lol


Good Luck with the ITC course. Which one did you sign up for?