Fluke TIR1 for sale or Trade.....

I bought the TIR1 maybe a year ago and planned to start a company to do IR surveys, but instead my life took a turn in another direction.

Ideally I’d like to trade this for a Aqua Snakeeye III inspection camera and some cash. I am now doing placer gold mining and need to have a inspection camera which the whole camera mechanism can work underwater, and to my knowledge the Aqua Snakeeye III is the only one which will accomplish this.

If anyone wants to make an offer for the camera, you can contact me at mtnblue@exwire.com.

I am not in a financial hardship situation, so lowballs are a waste of time.

Gold is money, and everything else is paper (I had to throw that in)

One of the guys I told about this emailed him but hasn’t heard a peep yet.

Anybody else know where hes at, etc.

Dan, you’re a little twichy. Your friend and I have been emailing each other for the last day or so. I live in Truckee, CA. Tonight I sent him photos of the camera, accessories and some images in a report I did on my own house.

I responded to your friend with photos and an explanation of the circumstances for the sale.

The camera is legit (in excellent condition) and it is sitting here collecting dust.

I might as well give someone a great deal on something I may never use.

I guess none of you guys have the aqua snake eye camera, eh? Rats… that would have been a great partial trade.

Send me info and details to: info@homeinspectorusa.biz

Email sent.


Thanks - My buddy called about 2 hours after I posted saying he’d heard from you.

OK Guys… here’s what I did- one of you contacted me and told me that on ebay and craigslist they are going for between $3200 and $4200. One of you guys offered a low-ball of $2500 which I refused.

As of this morning, on a worldwide search of “Fluke TIR1” there were 4 returns- one in Washington state posted in mid August for $5400 for a used one and another in Canada for $6000 and 2 on ebay for $6000+.

I figure for $4200 I am offering a screaming deal for a very lightly used device. I will guarantee that it is in perfect working condition. If you get it and don’t feel I represented it correctly, call me the moment you get it and send it back immediately in the condition I sent it to you in (Fluke won’t even do that) with all the stuff in the box and I will refund your money. I am a big fan of getting good value for money spent and I have no intentions of ripping anyone off


Rick -

FYI - My buddy has been looking around, and said he found 2 of the dealers selling new TiR1’s at $4,500-$4,800 with the 2 year warranty. So go from there.

Dan- hard to believe- email me the links of the dealers and I will consider from that point onward. I wonder why all those other guys who are trying to sell the cameras for so much more, are even considering those prices? I have been looking at a ton of websites for that camera, and the cheapest one I have seen is $5300. So apparently those who sell it for less need to do some more advertising, so they can corner the market.

TIR1’s are advertised for around $5400. If you are serious and are ready to buy a new one , you can get them for $4800. They just can’t advertise lower than $5400 which is a price set by Fluke. If you pay advertised list price you got screwed to begin with.

I spent a good part of the afternoon making a worldwide search on all classifieds (ebay, craigslist, and other classified search engines) for used TIR1’s, and didn’t find many (maybe 5 of them for sale on all classifieds). The average price people were asking for used cameras was in the low $5000’s. So according to you guys, they have no clue, eh?

So, let me publicly put this out to you- what do you guys feel a slightly used TIR1 is worth? If it is too cheap, I will just keep it as a novelty. Although I am curious what you guys think is a fair deal.

I offered you 25 New Benjamin Franklins, better than keeping the instrument to accumulate time, dust, deterioration and depreciation-X. 25 Benjamin’s can give you a little nice vacation or a bottle of Louis XIII \:D/and maybe one Davidoff Millennium:-;;.

John- I appreciate your gesture, but for $2500 I think I will let it depreciate in my closet. I believe in a fair deal, but your offer is too good to be true- for you. So I will sit and wait until someone wants to make me a fair offer to get a great camera for a great price.

Rick -

If you call around for real quotes (even with vendors on our sites or John mcKenna) and are ready to buy you’ll find vendors selling BRAND spanking new TiR1’s for under $5,000 (down to $4500).

OK guys, I get it. I guess everyone out there who is trying to sell a TIR1 is clueless on pricing- as I have not seen any price less than $5000. My first offer is $4200, and I got countered at $2500. My guess is the happy spot is somewhere in between. I guess we just need to find what makes all of us happy.

To me, taking a 50% hit on something that hasn’t been used more than 10 times, isn’t acceptable. And I am in a situation, where if the price that makes me budge isn’t met, that is ok too- I won’t sweat it. I will instead use it for an object de art on my bookcase in my office.

Maybe this transaction it isn’t meant to be.

Why did you spend $5000 for an infrared camera? How long have you had it? Did you get any infrared training? Quite an expensive experiment wasn’t it? Fluke is coming out with new cameras that are comparable to the TIR1 and they will be even cheaper. Just wait, you won’t even get 50% back for your new toy!!:wink:

Read post #1…he is into gold mining and apparently doing well. Why are you guys hazing him, it’s his and he can do as he pleases. If he wants to slam it on the ground to watch it break…so be it.

That’s funny!!:p:p:p

Russ you are absolutely corect. At the price of GOLD theses days he do not need to sell his camera-X. If I was him I will hang the camera on a tree and let it rot. A reminder when he was a pofolk. Why bother with low ballers like us-X. This camera is like the wine the more it ages the better it gets and the value will increase dramatical:roll:. It happened with GOLD. Cheers!\:D/

You guys are a bit cynical. No need to be abusive. I was just commenting on how my observations of everywhere else in the world people (according to you guys) are delusional in asking the prices they are asking the high prices for the used cameras.

The reason I posted here was to figure out what a fair price was. There seems to be no evidence outside of this website that there is a glut of these cameras which demands such low prices.

FYI, I took the IR classes by John Mckenna, and was going to start a IR inspection business as a side line to my unrelated other business, to make a few bucks on the side. But the economy hasn’t helped and friends of mine in the industry are struggling. So I moved on to something else.

End of story.

Again, I will consider any reasonable offer. And if you don’t want to offer, that is ok too.