Foam coating on tile roof

I did an inspection on a home over at the coast (I usually don’t go there) with a tile roof and there was a foam coating covering all of the tile. It appeared that there was also some type of colored coating over the foam and the top coating is deteriorating in some areas. I am not familiar with this coating. Anyone have information on it? Is it a good thing or more of a problem.

Also how would I tell them to correct the exposed foam?

Is this it?

Thanks for the link. It looks like it might be what was there. The problem is that in that link and a couple of others I found, it says that it is for flat roofs. Not for installation over a tile roof.

I’ve never seen a tile roof foamed, regardless, the surface would need to be pressure washed, allowed to dry, and recoated.

Thanks. This is the first time I have seen this but there were a couple more homes in the same area with the foam on the tile.

From what I see looking it up online, it seems that the coating is designed for commercial buildings.

Sure looks like crud.
Clay Tile roofs are nice and they made it ghetto.

How does any water escape once trapped ?
What about tiles that come loose ?

Foam coating on tile roof is something very new to me also. So, I might not be feeding you up with the most reliable solution but would like to give as friendly advice that you should try to concern some professional roofer for the same. May be he can help you out with this.

Spray polyurethane foam with an elastomeric coating. The coating is for UV protection and additional water resistance. It’s cheaper to install but does not last as long as a membrane type roof.

It’s not unheard of to spray it over an existing flat roof membrane, or even a metal roof, but I’ve never seen it over a tile roof. Structure and secure attachment of the existing roofing system are typically the main concerns when applying spray foam over an existing roof system.

They usually use the foam on an older roof to try and prolong its life. Only problem is it makes the roon unrepairable. The only thing you can do is apply more foam. Every breach in your picture is a leak. It s time to rip it off and replace the roof. Oh, and there will be an extra charge to remove all of that foam.

Yeah, that seems to be the way with a lot of these types of things. Seems everyone is saying the same thing I found. The foam is normally used on flat roofs.

Shame, they çould have used it on the back of the house. Had a flat roof. Literally flat. It had less than a quarter bubble pitch…toward the main roof, not away from it. Several leaks where it was ponding.

Read this and check out the link.
My narrative…

The roof over “wherever” area is of spray polyurethane foam system. Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roofing consists of an application of specifically designed foam covered with an elastomeric coating (typically acrylic, silicone, or polyurethane) or aggregate covering to protect the foam from ultraviolet rays.

Observations: There were many blisters in this SPF system and some of the blisters held water. When incorrectly installed, SPF roofing systems often exhibit interlaminar blistering of the SPF layers. Foam blisters most often occur by trying to stretch the application window, improper substrate preparation, or equipment problems. We recommend further evaluation by a roofing contractor certified in SPF systems.

It’s a problem. Repairs are made with inferior materials, they may work for the short term, but will fail prematurely. Clean the surface, apply an elastomeric material with a reflective surface and/or apply acrylic coating.

Interesting, I have seen these work more than 20 years. Foam roofs, like tile roofs can be repaired and re-coated. When foam is properly maintained it can easily last forty years.

All that being said I have not see anyone doing these for about twenty years.

The roof shown has obvious issues and may be better suited for removal. The insurance discounts on the coast is usually a driving force.

Clay tile roof on its own is s very durable and good looking system. Personally would never cover with foam. All sorts of negative issues besides the horrible looks.