Roof Covering

Has anyone inspected this type of roof covering before. This is the first time that I have come across this. It appears to be material and although the roof is fairly new, I wanted to know what to look for other than the obvious on a roof that has this type of roof covering.

Roof 2.JPG

Roof 2.JPG

Roof 1.JPG

Roof 3.JPG

Ran into something similar last week. Only mine looks like it was installed after the beer run.
Copy (2) of IMG_0017.JPG
Or maybe they started earlier

Hard to tell without close up of the surface texture/material or seam laps but it appears to be thisor similar product from what I can make out.

There are also elastomeric, PVC, poly, acrylic, rubber… coatings that can give this appearance depending on material application is applied to.

Thanks. You nailed it! I never saw this applied to a home before. It looks really good on this home. Are there any major disadvantages?

Almost looked like that closed cell foam. Did it feel spongy at all? Hard to tell by picture, the mobile home and similar coatings have a different appearance than the foams… I’ve seen the foams applied on a few residences here and there.

I have limited experience with the foams except that there are some desireable qualities with it?

Could be the mobile home coatings that Barry mentioned as well.

Here’s a link if you were curious about the foams

AHHH, a closer look at the picture by the satelite dish, looks like the coverings Barry mentioned.

Disadvantadge? To me they would require more maintenance than a composition or other type of roof. Just me. Maybe the newer elastomerics will go a little longer.


I wish the moron cable guys would not pick those stupid dishes on the roof deck.:smiley:

Unless they’ve drastically improved the materials and installation techniques the one’s I’ve seen/inspected are about a 10 year system before through system penetrations or seam leaks occur

For those wanting updated roofing systems information you can subscribe to I get their monthly mag and find some of the articles useful for system identification and inspecting as well


That dish installation is a leak waiting to happen, unless they installed it in a pitch pan, which I doubt.