For a limited time only....

We lowered prices of online video courses.
Some are just a few bucks.
Half are approved by states for CE (most recently Texas).
Check 'em out. OnlineVideoTraining


Are refunds/rebates available for those who paid full price?

Barry, you coming out to Boulder to teach us at NACHI.TV?

This is a good time to get CEU’s out of the way if things are slow for you.

Roy Smith just purchased a video. Thanks Roy. Have fun learning.

We’ve got some learning videos coming down the pike soon - geared towards inspectors learning how to perform additional services to stay in business in a slow market.
These future courses will train inspectors how to incorporate additional/auxilary services with the home inspections. When I’m slow doing full home inspections, I try to stay busy doing other types of inspection services that I’ve learned how to do. That’s the type of videos that are coming soon. So hold on to your ball valves!

I just visited your web site. That’s awesome! Everyone, check out David’s website.
david Andersen.png
I’ve never seen anything like this dude.
Creative and unique. Made me stick to the site. I think it’s great.

Mr. McAuley is presently enjoying the crawlspace inspection video. For only $15. Thanks Dennis. Post your thoughts about the video here, please.:slight_smile:

Jeannot Cote is presently enjoying the Means of Egress video. $14 (limited time).

Thanks Jeannot! We submit these courses for State CE approval. Any errors in the course identified are greatly appreciated.

State of Nevada approval letter: here.

Narratives that were developed in the Egress course are available here.

Did you consider that some might enjoy their privacy?..just a thought.

Oops. Your absolutely right. My apologies to those aforementioned. Stupid of me.