I offered my help to Bill Mullen and OAHPI today.

I spoke with Bill today for the first time in months and asked him if I can help him with OAHPI. Sounds like he’s putting together a nice regional association.

What did he say?

Bill said that it pays to have his head up Bills ***!

Guess I was right about the dynamic duo teaming up!

Get rid of Ray and Roy so Nick can move ahead and exploit the Nachi members even further.

Nick, You’re amazing.

I read of the conspiracy you have led against “Canada” and I think I have it pretty well figured out, except one part.

How did you arrange to convince Ray Wand to post Joe’s email when he did? Not only that, but how did you know that sending Blaine to warn him would result in his refusal to delete the post resulting in his dismissal?

You are quite the genius. You fooled everyone, including the ESOP Committee. We had no idea we were a part of such international intrigue. :wink:

Bushfart the jokes on you and Nick, some of us in OAHI strung Bill along and he and his merry jokers took it hook line and sinker. No fools here only you and your conspirators. We played you for the fool you are. Ha ha!

and Bushfart how do you explain Mark Cohens opinion which contradicts your inability to rationalize? Too funny.

Nick: Will we be grandfathered in the new association here in Canada or is that top secret for now:)

The facts are that the other members of CAHPI will never permit CAHPI to team up with NACHI until such time as NACHI submits its entry requirements for review. Everyone knows that NACHI entry requirement fall well below what CAHPI/NCA requirement. So for anyone associated with CAHPI/NC to be indicating otherwise or now suggesting the standards be lowered for NACHI would be very disturbing.

The only way it may happen if Bills new Association OAHPI teams up through NACHI and gets NACHI members into the OAHPI-CAHPI/NC stream.

Even then its questionable if that would fly, given the licencing fervor.

I wish him luck . Bill tried before and did not have much success it will be intertesting to see how this works out he has some very good people on side who just want a good asociation in Ontario.

Roy Cooke

Fred unless you know more then what has been published on this BB I think you are jumping at nothing .
Roy Cooke

Roy there is report of another association forming. Haven’t heard anything definitive.

It certainly appears that OAHI is not on board with the National. Without Ontario CAHPI/NCA will not flourish. Thats why Bill is trying to start OAHPI which he hopes will start off with approximately <120 members. But all that remains to unfold as of this point in time.

Remember licencing will further weaken CAHPI/NCA and NACHI.

Roy : Just feeling things out that’s all , somethins going on
I sure do hope hope you return , your knowledge and help are very much needed.

WOW! I just don’t believe it. The plot thickens.


Thickens? Its like 3 day old porridge, its solidified! :mrgreen:

It’s all starting to make sense now, I think.:wink:

If CAHPI and NACHI and OAHI and OAHPI were a church it would be called Fleecing the Flock! :shock:

Ray writes

I think you will fail to win that argument about as quickly as your conspiracy theory fell apart Ray… www.nachi.org/success.htm all for just $289? Fleecing? You’re kidding right?

I don’t kid Nick. And where is my $10K?

Where is belongs, waiting for you to prove your nonsense.

Already proved it. Bill said in an email *Wait’ll they hear about my real intentions regarding InterNACHI and OAHPI.

  • The email is dated 12/2/07, 9:03 AM
    Either Bill spoke to you or you spoke to Bill.

Also on 17/02/2008 3:35 PM, you stated in a series of emails:

*Well seeing that you cost our industry for years, Bill and I could never do the merger between NCP and InterNACHI because I stuck up for your free speech rights and let you shoot arrows at their castle from my castle’s tower for years… *

Looks pretty clear to me that it was discussed and whats going down.