Inspector Brotherhood

How is everyone?
I just wanted to invite everyone to the Inspector Brotherhood facebook group.

We are here for each other, in a respectful and supportive way.
We are looking for inspectors that want to volunteer to mentor and for inspectors that want to be mentoree.

We also do hand-on training at hardware stores and specialty stores.

All this is volunteer work so there is no fee, we all participate and put our grain of sand for the betterment of the trade.

Disclaimer: We are not an association, we are looking to support the existing associations.

Excellent! I’m in new member services for InterNACHI and get asked frequently about this type of set up with mentoring. Thank you for putting this together. If I can answer any questions about an InterNACHI membership and how it can benefit you, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

I think the group might want to rename itself inspector dramahood.

I was added last night.

Scrolling through the last week of posts I see:
Vendors slamming other vendors
Vendors advertising
My association is better than your association arguments
Vendors being encouraged to advertise
People who’ve been banned from here telling you who to ban from there
Multiple people who’ve been banned from here running freely.

Not much brotherhood about it IMHO.

The OP was not enough to have me check it out. But this post was… :mrgreen:

Just so you guys know I am on there and so is Nick along with many other NACHI members . James does an excellent job of keeping everything fresh and highly recommended as one of the top home inspector groups on Facebook. Not too many Members arguing about politics. Thank goodness .

Do not believe I’ve seen, Anyone belittle another member over Looking for advice

I’m a member and haven’t seen much drama.

It’s a good group. I recommend that everyone join.

That is the only thing that I see. I haven’t seen much bashing. There are some members that have been banned from here on there. But most of them have been minding there P’s and Q’s from what I can see. Maybe your seeing something that I am not seeing? Haven’t really been on it much.


All associations needs to come together to make the inspection industry a growing and thriving industry!

And we need one national trade association, not three… ooops, I mean two. :wink: Give it another year and we’ll get there.

I don’t know.

Competition breeds innovation.

If Nick didn’t have ASHI to push around, would he still come up with 1/2 of the good ideas he has?

Choices are good. Lack of choices is usually bad.

Ian is correct. It’s really difficult for InterNACHI because we just don’t have any serious competition. Every week I tell staff to pretend there is another association that is trying to catch us. InterNACHI needs to find ways to stay motivated now that one of our two competitors quit trying and the other quit altogether.

The agent at yesterdays inspection:

Agent: Are you with ASHI?
Me: No, I’m with InterNACHI.
Agent: I’ve never heard of InterNACHI. It sounds Chinese.
Me: It’s the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It’s ten time larger than ASHI.
Agent: My office requires ASHI inspectors that do check list reports. Narrative reports confuse our clients with too much information.
Me: Well, that’s probably why ASHI is on the way out.

No response. I have a feeling I won’t be getting any referrals from her :slight_smile:

Check list report? OMG… Are there still guys doing that?

Inspector brotherhood seems like a good place. A little drama makes for interesting reading. :mrgreen:

I would be that 30% of inspectors still use a checklist report without much in the way of narratives. Sure they are computer generated but are the same crappy “Inspected”, “Not Inspected”, “Needs repair”, “Serviceable”, retc. type of reports with the little X in the box. :roll:

In the last few days:

Vendor Spaming, then said vendor getting upset when people don’t like it.

More “my association is better than your association” posts.

And today someone called another member a c*** s***er.

Yeah, so much for Brotherhood. :roll:

I’m out of there.

Now I saw that tonight on one post.

This is enough for me to never go there. I perused the members list a couple of months ago… no thank you very much!

It’s a good group. I suggest that everyone join.

How would you know? Seems like you’re more into Aspartame.