For Dave Bush & G-Man Beaumont...:)

The panel you are asking about is the Square D Trilliant SDT Series, They were discontinued in about 1991 when a french company purchased Square D and it became known as Schneider-Electric.

I have never actually TOUCHED one myself but was aware of their existance but could not actually recall anything on them so I went searching ( as I always do for the members ) and found out the name for you both.

These breakers are VERY expensive…in fact Plastic GOLD if you ask me…do a search on google for " Trilliant SDT Circuit Breakers " and you will see… 40-50 per single pole in 15A and 20A and upwards of 100-200.00 for any double pole breakers…VERY costly…

Guess my concern to the consumer is replacement costs…they are UL listed and I can only assume the reason for the stopping of production is they look VERY labor intensive to design and not very user friendly looking type of panelboard…but the cost of replacement would FRAZZLE most people and justify a change over at some point…if they are all working fine however I would probably leave it be…they have no known defect I am aware of…except for a surge arrestor what was designed to go in them that was recalled…

Anyway I posted all that info on the THREADS you both so nicely dedicated to me…;)…dang you both…:slight_smile:

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Thanks for your help, I knew the Electrical “Emu” was all knowing :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :wink:



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