Trilliant Square D Panels

These panels are not very common in the Phila./New Jersey area. I’ve been a Union Electrician for 17 years, and today’s inspection was the first time I’ve come across one.

After some research I’ve found that they were common in the early 90’s but their popularity never really took off. The only issue with these panels that I could find was with an install able surge protector that was recalled in 1995. Other then being discontinued and replacement parts being expensive and hard to find, does anyone know of any other issues with them? Were they more popular in other parts of the country?

Looks like the apprentice did the hook up too neat for an electrician .

When installed properly no real concerns to be reported in terms of defects or problems with this model. You might note that they are harder to obtain replacements and may be more costly down the road if repairs are needed. However, that’s your call on how you report those issues.

Ummm… I usually will not comment on the other issues I see within this panel or if this image orientation is correct. But I will say…neutrals have never been allowed to share a termination long before the NEC actually defined it because 110.3(B) defined it. You may note it but I would not flame it.

It is important to read the manufacturers label on panels like these because you might be surprised at some of their limitations of use…so always remember (and you probably did) to read the manufacturers label in case it has use limitations.

Never seen a plastic box before…No chance for that enclosure to become energized.

Thanks pabernathy, I always call out double tapped neutrals and hots. I don’t make a huge deal but recommend it be fixed.

Your most welcome Jeffrey…and you can call me Paul;)