For Sale Samsung Q1 Tablet PC

Samsung Q1 (NPQ1BV000) Tablet PC

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**Description: **C7-M 1 GHz, 7 in. SVGA TFT Active Matrix, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC, 512 MB, 40 GB hard drive, 1.7 lb., MPN: NPQ1BV000

What’s your price?

new? used? how old??? We need more details.

Ricky, is that the right model number? There’s quite a few Q1’s and that model doesn’t have a keyboard on it.

I think you use a stylus instead of a keyboard, but who knows.

The model #NP-Q1-V000/SEA

I am taking offers

Yes you can eater attach a keyboard and mouse or use the stylus pen to type or print it has word recognition.

I started the buisness in november of 2007 and have used it sence then. It is in excellent working order. I purchased it from palm tech as a package deal with; portable printer,Mouse,Keyboard and a seperate read write drive to burn cds.
I am only selling the Q1 though.

Saw one on e-bay for $375 (buy it now), does this come with OS CD? Charger? Power cord? or is it just the Q-1?

Some of the models have thumb keys on the top of them and stylus. This model you’d use the stylus with the virtual keyboard and the handwriting recognition (which has gotten pretty good). Of course you can attach an external keyboard as well like Ricky mentioned.

Yes it comes with; OS CD, power cord, mouse, keyboard, cd drive and the 4 in one USB hub adapter. to include any and all paperwork that came with the unit.

Whats the lowest you will take for it?

Are you making an offer? as much as the market will bear