For those offering radon and mold testing

For people offering radon and mold testing how often do people use your services outside a regular home inspection? And if so why wouldn’t they just use a company that just specializes in it and does the mitigation as well?

I think its a conflict of interest to have a radon mitigation firm doing the testing but that’s just me.

I don’t have any financial interest in how the radon test turns out.

Same with mold.

Plus I’m already there doing the home inspection so why bring in yet another company(s) for testing?

Real estate agents like one-stop-shops. It saves them time. They also don’t like repair contractor for obvious reasons.

But is anyone calling you for just radon/mold tests or is it usually done with a home inspection?

I get them occasionally. A couple years ago I got 15 tests from one neighborhood. One guy moved into the subdivision and had really high levels. Next thing I know all the neighbors called me for testing. My monitors went from house to house for a couple weeks.

For mold, it is a conflict of interest to do both mold inspection and remediation.

TW Scannell
Hightech Home Inspection LLC
Certified Mold Inspector

It would be in my state for a home inspector to do both.
Not so for a mold company, they can test and remediate.