Radon mit and conflict of interest

I’m strongly leaning toward radon mit and I am told by the state run agency I should’nt do test and mit. Probably SOP due. Does any one here do mitigationand how’s it treating you?

No I don’t, but rule of thumb, whether it be Radon or Mold, is NEVER perform the test and mitigation/remediation, especially the clearance testing!!! Third party, always!!!

I’d agree with the clearance testing, but I don’t see a problem with initial testing and mitigation. How is that any different then a termite inspector who treats, a mechanic who finds problems and repairs, or a doctor who diagnoses and treats?

sounds like Realtors wont recommend the tester to do the mit and mit work is 50-60% realtor generated. I think it’s now 14 states where testing is mandatory. Clients see high readings ( which are soon to be 2.7pl) they most likely going to want mit.