For Those On a Tight Budget

Walmart has 48bit Color All in-One Scanner/Copier/Printers for only $35.

Heckofa deal and it does very nice quality work.

Add 30% for Canada. No wonder us canadians get cranky.

Seen any deals on Infrared cameras?


How much does the ink cost?:wink:

I believe that you can use those ink refills. As far as I know it’s no more expensive for the ink that others.


I found a Walmart special even cheaper…

I bought a Lexmark 4350 because you get more ink OZ per cartridge so it last longer and is cheeper but the quality isn’t the greatest.

David, I just looked at my receipt and the price is the same $29.88, so I guess maybe I was remembering the tax or something. Thanks for straightening that out. :slight_smile:

Best I have seen is Palmer Wahl. It is about $6,000 and there is a lease option.

Thank you. I’ll check it out.


Got a website? thanks in advance.

Just go to Goggle and type in “Palmer Wahl” and then search. Gives you all the sites you can go to. Did it this afternoon and it looks good.


Thanx Wendy, no need for the printer now however I did run with your post about the moisture meter, it came in the mail today…it works too! I checked the sponge at the kitchen sink and it was wet. (I know everyone loves …but no one loves a smart one.)

LOL, thanks for letting me know you got one. :slight_smile: That’s awesome! Tell me how it works out in the field as well okay?

I haven’t received mine yet, but it should be here soon.

Do not ever buy a all-in-one Lexmark …ink replacement almost cost the same as printer … buyer beware … imo btw

I don’t get any comission from this guy, but the reason I drop his name out there because he will bend over backwards to help anybody out. It was a Sunday prior to my first inspection and I was panicing because I got rushed into starting from my shadowing and this guy on a holiday weekend left his BBQ party to rush to the store to outfit me with my last minute tools. To be honest, he really knocks the prices down if you just call him and if you have other inspectors who need gear and order together, he knocks things down further and throws free things in. In addition, he is up to date with all the latest technology and if he does not have it… He will find it.