For what is it worth

I gave up a nice inspection and pushed some other work out this weekend. I drove four hours and missed two days of work for the opportunity to work with another inspector. I examined his operation gave him some feed back. He answered my questions and we compared notes.

This was a great way to examine some of what I do. I am now more motivate and have a different view of what I do. This is possibly one of the best thing that a business person can do to improve operations, sales and profits.

For those that are wondering, Russ and the crew at Comprehensive Building Consultants are the real deal. He and his crew are friendly, helpful and most hospitable. I will forever be in his debt for the insights he has given me to his own operation and mine. There is no doubt that I will directly profit and improve my service starting Monday.

I recommend everyone take a step back, see what they are doing and see where everyone else is going.

What everyone really wants to know…

Was his trailer as nice as he leads us to believe??? :twisted::smiley:

Seriously, fantastic for you and Russ. !!!

Yes! If you can see the neighbors stop and stare, it is even better. When you have two trucks, a trailer and a car show to an inspection, it is impressive.

Here are some bad pictures from my phone

John I appreciate the kind words and you are welcome at any time! This is what I was talking about. A few guys get together, see what the other is doing (or not doing) and learn. I loved it, John is a wealth of information and has a huge heart. I am going to be proud to be working with him in the future.

Like I said, as one person with only one insight and one view I am somewhat limited in my vision. Another unbiased perspective and professional opinion is worth its weight in gold…


You wearing shorts?

LOL – I love Florida