For Wind Mitigation Inspectors

As you know back in 2012 they changed the wind mitigation forms and homeowners lost their clip credit if they had less than 3 nails in the clip. Inspectors have been forced to mark them as (a) toenails.

We started a company that goes through the attic and adds the nail/block/ or strap for the homeowners, and we’ve made it pretty cost effective for the homeowner compared to savings. We guarantee them the clip credit (avg. 39% savings)

We are located in Cape Coral but we are getting jobs all over the state at this point. We’ve done over 700 homes in the state of Florida.

The reason for this post is that we always hire third party inspectors and each homeowner receives a new, or if applicable an updated wind mit if it is the previous inspector just going back to take pictures of the upgraded work.

This is obviously a very important part of the job, and we are looking to get a few more inspectors that we can work with in each area. We pay $100 a job if it is a re-inspect or full wind mit. It’s a great way for inspectors to boost revenue, especially on re-inspects when the job comes from you. If any of you are interested please e-mail

We really try to hire inspectors that are the best at what they do, because that’s the company we strive to be.


Do you have to pull a permit.
What’s the company name.

What is the Form that was changed in 2012 you are referring to? Give me the # and edition date.

send them to us!

Hi Den ~ thanks for the mold referral. Doing it Thursday.
I’m home inspection booked for the week.
When another calls, I’ll shoot it to ya. :slight_smile:

I have some “reservations” about the OP…

You could always just look at section 4 where it states that the home must have 3 nails.

That’s the OIR-B1-1802 form (today’s form) which changed in January 2012

Some of the bigger changes from the old were:

Flat roofs will be gone for single family residences.
Gable end bracing will not be on the form and neither will wall construction type.

All roofs will be included in the roof covering section
A more detailed section on opening protection will be on the form.

Clips will require three nails and wraps will change also. (This part here screwed over a lot of homeowners that were previously getting credit for clips with only 2 nails) Our business is to fix this for them.

They also became more strict on the pictures required by inspectors.

Our company name is Maximum Solutions, we do not typically need permits, we do not remove soffiting in most cases.

Dennis thank you for your interest, we had another inspector contact us in the dade/broward/and palm beach area today. If there is a reason he can’t make a job we will keep you in mind.

We have gotten to talk with a lot of great professional guys out of here the last two days that we are looking forward to working with, the only place we are really lacking a go to inspector is the NW Florida area. Please contact me if you serve any of these counties.

I have a great referral for the same service , let me know anytime. Talk soon


Nothing really to have reservations about. Google is your friend. Have done a lot of work behind Maximum Solutions for the last two years. It’s a win win for all involved and invoices paid same day. They are growing and are recognized by many insurance agents.

Thanks Wayne.
At a minimum, they should consider attending to their dissolved corporation.
Dennis has a legal properly registered contractor he refers.

Maximum solutions is a Licensed Contractor

I am not sure where you are getting your information from Mr. Goldenberg. We are a Licensed-Insured-Bonded state certified building contractor CBC1259993
and we have an industry leading way of doing things that cuts costs down for homeowners and makes it practical, less time consuming, and affordable.

We’ve been featured on the news twice for our service, and helping homeowners. We have great reviews, great ratings, and we guarantee our work through the credit. I’m not quite sure why you’ve got it out for us tonight… Our company is growing not dissolving. You should really take a little more time looking into a company before you post things like that. We came to NACHI because we wanted the best home inspectors with a professional approach. Maybe you researched the wrong Maximum Solutions, in the future you can always email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank You for your support Wayne, and being a voice for the work we do.

(I apologize these posts are taking some time to get through because of non-membership)

Hi Patrick.
Sorry if you thought you were being atacked.
Not so, I wish you no ill will.

I’m an inspector, I’m paid to “dig”.
You may be licensed & insured, that has nothying to do with the fact the corporation has been dissolved.
If I am incorrect here, please let me know because I will owe you an apology.

**Detail by Entity Name

     Florida Limited Liability Company         MAXIMUM SOLUTIONS LLC     
                                                                                           Authorized Person(s) Detail                 Name & Address                 
     Title MGRM          


                  Filing Information     Document NumberL13000089648     FEI/EIN NumberNONE 
Date Filed06/21/2013     StateFL     

Last EventADMIN DISSOLUTION FOR ANNUAL REPORT Event Date Filed09/26/2014
Event Effective DateNONE

             Principal Address                    220 EL DORADO PKWY. WEST
        CAPE CORAL, FL 33914

             Mailing Address                    220 EL DORADO PKWY. WEST
        CAPE CORAL, FL 33914

     Registered Agent Name & AddressUNITED STATES CORPORATION AGENTS, INC.                      13302 WINDING OAKS COURT
    TAMPA, FL 33612

Title MGRM

CAPE CORAL, FL 33914**