I had a client/agent who we did a wind inspection for the home was built in 1977. I checked on form

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]Metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions or requirements of B, C, or D[/size][/FONT]

[size=2]Reviewed several clips with only 2 nails- [/size]

[size=2]So they had a construction services guy (employee) I might add … who as I was told “gets better credits” then me who does alot of work for the insurance office do a wind… They gave them the credit on the clip… The clip they photographed is 8-10 inchs up the gable side. Attached is the pic- [/size]


Wait till they get re-inspected and they loose their credits.

they are idiots. Do not pay them any mind.

I had a client tell me an agent could get them stickers for $150 for their shutters doors etc…

You did the right thing Robert. Remember the form says “What is the weakest roof to wall connection”? Unfortunately those shenanigans will continue for quite some time.


If the underwriter is on his game, he will see that the strap is more than 1/2" away from the truss even if he doesn’t realize that this is a gable strap. Shame on this guy.

Added: I do believe this is called fraud and he should be called out if that was submitted instead of the noncompliant clips.

I’d deny that based on the horrible photograph provided. Can’t see a nailhead whatsoever. Drawing red lines shows nothing.

Pictures are key to telling the story. From what I read and hear people say no two inspectors can look at the same thing and have the same answer. I am a firm believer in photo documentation. Report what you see and they can sort it out.