forgery and fraud

Any advice on how to approach the following situation?; The other day, a falsified wind mitigation form which had my forged signature was brought to my attention. I discovered who it was after several phone calls and some investigation. The guilty party turned out to be a so called well respected and accomplished insurance agent. They had falsified a form for a relative by transferring information from an old inspection performed by someone else. They gave a 1955 roof the fbc credit with my forged signature and submitted this to citizens. Needless to say citizens rejected the form and it has been brought to my attention. The agent has allegedly expressed remorse to an associate of mine. I would appreciate any and all feedback from fellow inspectors. Dennis J Bonner G.C

Turn it over to your local PD to decide what to do. They aren’t just committing fraud, they are using your good name to do it.

What Mark said. :frowning:

And inform/contact your States Insurance commission or similar agency regarding this matter.:twisted:

Fraud and Insurance is not a a good combo

I have a friend named Mr. Ruger that takes care of situations like this.

Now that you are aware of your signature on the form, the “act” of doing nothing could be construed by someone at some future date as your passive participation in the fraud. IMO.

I don’t think that you, legally, have but two choices: report the crime, or passively participate in it by remaining silent.

Report the agent to your state insurance bureau and Citizens. State your case well. You could also bring a civil case against him if he indeed hurt your business through his act of fraud…

Call the police. In Missouri, forgery is a Class C Felony. Your state board governing insurance should then take action after he is convicted.

As a former law enforcement officer my advice is to report it to the police department, in particular where the crime took place…if she forged the document at her office then that should be the jurisdiction…because of the document being spread all over it may go to the county department.

It is a felony however it is likely that she will be able to cut a deal to a misdemeanor.
This should also be reported to the Insurance Commission as well.

While it is common to “feel” for such a person you just need to remember that it was they who put themselves in that position, not you…allow the judicial system to play it course. In the mean time I would not have any conversations with the person in question or their soon to be attorney until after you have spoken with law enforcement and or the DA’s office.



No 2nd thoughts, do what you have to do to save your reputation and credibility. However the fraud was perpetrated, it sounds dishonest and needs to be dealt with thoroughly and quickly.

Good Luck…keep us advised if you can

At this point, go for “damage control”, advise those that this was a forgery, report it to the Insurance commission, cover your behind!

You could have a civil action, but them behind bars, likely you will not collect anything. But, revenge is sweet!!

As a contractor, had a customer use my license number and resale license number on her “shopping spree”!! Didn’t know it until an audit by the state
sales tax agency, took months to resolve! There are those out there!!!

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