Fraudulant Inspector

I lost a 4pt/Wind Mit combo to a “cheaper” inspector yesterday. The homeowner called me this morning to ask how much I would charge to document corrections.
Apparently the “inspector” noted that the TPR valve needed to be corrected because it was not piped to the outside. Of course he will charge her the full fee again for coming back to verify.
Anyhow, she tells me how unhappy she is with the guy and his level of service and professionalism AND THEN, procedes to tell me that he didn’t even go in the attic.
So this licensed GC, Home Inspector, and INACHI member submitted an OIR-B1-1802 with pictures from another home and signed verifying it to be accurate. This is what’s wrong with the wind mitigation program. No one is policing or enforcing the inspector. There is no recourse for fraudulant reports.
I guess you can’t police ethics.

Wow I get to use the same response twice in one night:

Like I tried to tell all the fools designing the new form.

Pictures prove nothing.

Most are easily faked by inspectors with no morals.

No one can tell what picture comes from what house.

They are dangerous to obtain.

Pictures of marks on trusses mean absolutely nothing etc…

But you all had to go against me and make them mandatory.



If you have the proof throw the scumbag under the bus.

Or if you want a really good laugh turn him into the ethics committee here.
Please do keep us informed if you do go that route.

My bet is no one will do crap.

The market will police this kind of stuff. It didnt even make it past the homeowner.

aaahhh h a ha ha ha aaaaa haaaaa haa ha

Thanks man, I needed a good laugh before bed :smiley:

You know…The amount of views for this thread vs. the low number of comments leads me to believe that this may not be an uncommon practice.
Shame, Shame, Shame.

Means nothing.

This thread is viewed by all members, but you Floridian members keep ******** about our comments, so we don’t comment for the most part.

As for reporting him to the ESOP, don’t waste your time. The ESOP doesn’t govern “ancillary services”.

If it was someone in my market, I would be all over the internet telling everyone that would listen what a scumbag he is. Just make sure you have all your duck’s in a row, beforehand. I thought you guy’s have a State dept. to report this kind of thing to?

We have a State and we have many departments. Unfortunatly, no enforcement. We all see these things and want something done. Unfortunately, the money pushes the industry toward reinspection rather than enforcement.

What was described was ‘Fraud’. C’mon, there has to be somewhere to turn them in. State Attorney General, or other. Even if only a letter sent to the AG, it may get forwarded to the correct agency. If not, at least you can say you tried, as opposed to sitting back and turning a blind eye, which is akin to tolerating the act.

If I understand correctly, the person in question is a state licensed contractor who also holds a lowly home inspector license? If that is correct, perhaps the alleged offender could be turned in to the CILB? (Construction Industry Licensing Board) Or- are DIV. 1 contractors exempt from ethics provisions that licensed home inspectors are bound by? Does the CILB that regulates Div.1 contractors have an ethics standard? Just asking to help me understand.

I’ll take any bets.

Nothing will happen from no one or agency.

No bet.

Nobody has the balls to do the right thing anymore.

Prove me wrong!!!

Can’t report him on heresay, but the homeowner can and a homeowners complaint to DBPR will be addressed.

I would ask the homeowner to file a complaint, explain that since you were not there and can’t verify or substantiate anything she is the one who should and that you need her help to eliminate this bad apple from our industry.

It can easily be proven by comparing the attic photos in his report with the actual attic (which they did not come from).
My experience with unlicensed contractors and unethical contractors in the past has been that the person reporting is the only one hurt by reporting them. The DBPR and CILB will drag the them through the mud to try and disprove the claims before they even think about going after the culprit.
It’s safer to just let nature take it’s course.

Yep… justifying inactivity. Screw ‘safer’! Do you want to fix the problem or not? I suppose when a client bounces a check, or cancels his credit card charge, you just “chalk it up” to experience!

You guys deserve everything that you get with that attitude.

Actually, she got what she paid for…a cheap inspection. Now she wants YOU to come to her rescue. I wouldn’t go within a block of her house and get myself tangled up in her problem. “Sorry maam, I am just too busy doing great, thorough inspections and my dance card is full and will be for months. You get what you pay for.”

Nothing will happen unless someone, preferably the homeowner. DBPR does not have a way to deal with any fraudulent inspectors unless they know about them. Kicking the dirt and saying, “Shucks, Beaver, ain’t nobody gonna do nuthin.” won’t accomplish squat.

I am SO glad I stopped doing these dumbass inspections back when they started diddling with the form every month or two. Knew then it was gonna be a goat roping.

Let there be peace in internachi and let it begin with me…do something. Jefferey and Doug speak the truth if you are not going to stand in to defend the very profession you are in, then why would others?

Lead by example.

Jeff gets it from 1,293 mi away!!!

Why can not some of these guys get it when they live and work here?

Do something to make it better! At the least help Russ, help you. At the least!

At least have the information available to pass along to the homeowner so they have what they need to proceed with a complaint. If you have no idea who to refer them to, how do you expect them to know?

I bet nature will take it’s course. You don’t survive in this area sticking it to people. It eventually catches up to you.

Actually guys, I’m going to try to get a copy of the report from her, once she gets it. We’ll go from there. I’ll keep ya’ll posted.