Here is a couple of thoughts on forms.

If you use software such as HomeGauge you may be able to get a the form you need from the software company. Last time I checked HomeGauge charged $99 dollars and it worked with your inspection software.

You can always use paper and just fill it out that way, not very professional

You could use a fill-able form( I have passed a couple of copies around)
With this type you would type it out print and have client sign, rescan and save.

You could use a fill-able form with a tablet, fill in the blanks have the customer sign and your done(except for pics)

For those that use a fill-able form Adobe Acrobat has a paper clip where you can attach pictures.

Now if you have a copy of Adobe acrobat(not the reader) you can save the form and insert pages. You could then add your pics with another program like Word, print the page to pdf and attach as another page.

I recently made a pdf form with another program but usable with Acrobat that will allow you to fill the form out, sign on a tablet and click to insert pictures. As with anything else it does have limitations. You can not insert or extract pages. To have client sign you must print it or have it signed on a tablet. The biggest disadvantage is you can not add pages later. Many of my forms have space for 6 pictures per page and sometimes three pages(18 pictures total for wind and 4pt).

The advantage to these forms is click to insert pictures or captions, if you do not insert something nothing prints. You have a client sign on a tablet and you are done, before you leave the property. I usually insert the pictures while they write the check.

I have spent considerable time and money making these forms. Does anyone have other ideas or a better way?

Here is a copy of my latest 1802 form

What are your thoughts?

btw the form may change again adding Home inspectors and removing MSFH.


When you use your tablet and fill out the pdf wind mit, what happens when you email to client, is the form still editable when the receiving end gets it via email. In other words, after you sign electronically, is there a chance that the client could alter the form?

You can not edit the document once you print it to a pdf. I use Adobe Livecycle Designer for any forms that I need.

No they can not be edited. I use a security settings that prevent such tampering.

To be honest, I have had people alter forms but they printed and used white-out. The agents that receive forms from me know that I do not scan. When they receive a scanned form they question it immediately, unless it comes directly from my office.

You could use the professional version of Adobe (or simply a free product like PrimoPDF) to print your PDF form to a simple PDF file where the fields can’t be changed… Of course you then can still go and add security too.

John, If you use homegauge software. Wouldn’t using there wind mit software be a good fit. Being it would be only $99?

Our software actually creates a Word document (RTF) that the Wind Mitigation inspector can then add, delete or append anything they want to it. Attached is an example of the FORMAT !!! It is NOT a real Wind Mitigation report that was done for a client but an example of what it would look like in its final pdf format after it is printed from Word. Notice the photos and Explanation letter portions that are automatically created from the photos and comments entered into the handheld device during the inspection.

HomeGauge would be great. I do more wind mits than home inspections though. I also do lots of four points and roof verifications. These forms are needed by me and four other inspectors. HomeGauge only offers the one form and only if you are using Homegauge. All of my inspectors do not use HomeGauge, thus the need for separate forms

I like it. What kind of hand held devices does your soft ware work with?

Can you make other forms as well? How much?

PocketPC devices (HP iPaq 210 or 110 recommended) or any normal PC device (laptop,tablet,netbook).

Yes. We are also creating the Citizen’s Roof Certification form …and yes the 4-point…(FABI and NACHI version) that will be included.

Software also has reference data included and available in the field as you are doing the wind mitigation process to hopeful help fill out the form correctly.

Price is $399 for the software.

Hmmm, pricey — but interesting

What would NOT be pricey for you ? Remember this is not just a copy of a pdf file but a full application.