PDF forms

If you need forms:
I can give you a customized write-able wind mit form for $75. I will include a click to insert images and some drop down lists. They will both work with adobe reader. Similar to the forms attached. I can give you the wind mit, 4 point and roof cert form with a blank picture page for $225.

Sounds reasonable for something that is huge time saver.


pdf fill

do anything with any pdf anytime.

Free advice from me.

Thanks John, I bought your forms and it was EASY as pie! Thanks again. Best money ever spent. I did not want to buy another program, learn how to work it, find out how to import pictures etc…you mad eit very easy for me at an awesome price. Once again, thanks.

But you still have to make the forms.

This works with the free acrobat reader. There are plenty of options, though. Including using most of the inspection software companies add-ons. Other companies make the forms also for similar prices. These just happen to be the forms we use, quick and straight forward.

Thanks Russ. There is actually several people that use forms made by us. All have similar comments.

Best forms/reports on the market, hands down. Ive tried them all and yours are the best. I will def. be purchasing the updated versions when available. Are you taking deposits yet?

Good deal!

I made my own. It cost me 200 just for Acrobat 9, and many hours to learn the program and create my forms.

This is a great deal for anyone performing these inspecions.

No, it may be some time before the new form will be ready.

Michael, I did decide to post this only after you sent another to me for the forms.

Either way, just say when and checks in the mail. I want to be the first to have ur new forms. Cant afford to wait!

Yes, but now you can make your forms the way you want and don’t have to depend on others.
Same as me!:wink:

John, you trying to hawk your own product is one thing. But when the vice president of your organisation, and your friend, both start bigging up your product it kind of stinks.
Nuance PDF converter,$50 and with a few clicks any of these forms are easily editable, fillable, and secure. Add in your signature and initials, and you can populate ANY form with ease.

I thought so.

I am not knocking you. I just want people to know there is a pretty easy option that is cheap and has worked well for me.

I would not have sent him to you if I did not think you had a good product. :smiley:


I would agree except people keep asking for them. I have always answered how they were made if anyone would want to do it themselves. See my previous post where I tell everyone there is other options.

Agreed. But for the average guy, it’s a good value. Especially if he’s using a Tablet.

Mike try PDF-x change .
I downloaded it and it is free.
Lets you totally edit everything and fast with no tutorial needed.

Life Hacker rates it number one.http://www.tracker-software.com/product/pdf-xchange-viewer

There is a paid version but worth checking out.


If I get the chance I will check it out.

I bought pdf a long time of go and they update it free all the time. I have acrobat X on the tablet and have not even tried it yet. Thanks for the tip.

Not really. for the $225.00 you get three forms. What happens when they change the forms?

What if you have other forms that you want to make PDF?

I paid $129.00 for Adobe 9 a long while ago. Since then, not only have I done all of these forms but also forms for other individuals who have nothing to do with the home inspection business.
The fees I charged them more than paid for Adobe and the “learning curve”.

It isn’t that hard to do.

The only drawback is that if you use LifeCycle to design the form, you have to use that to make changes as opposed to just adding a text box in Adobe Pro. Perhaps version X has solved that.