New Form

Has anyone seen the new form, Fill in Ready with the ability or software attached to it for the pictures. We have been using the inspection software for the pictures, But this is getting to much of a pain to merge in adobe and such

If so let me know, If not going to hire a guy to do it!

Aj Deerey

For the Millionth time I love I make a blank page then just drag and drop pictures on the page and resize with an arrow. I do not lable pictures. Eric Van does have something he uses that is a tad quicker but pdfil is what I use and I even own acrobat x. It is just a pain in the a-s compared to what I use.

Join the many that have followed my advice. I talk to folks almost every week lately about it. Free updates forever and a price that cannot be beat. If you have a question about it I can likely even answer it for you. I should be getting paid by them by now as much as I push it :slight_smile:



Contact John Shishilla with Honor Construction if you would like the form already setup to import pictures. I believe it is only $75 and works with the free version of Adobe Reader. I have read many members rave at the ease of use.

Contact John S or Greg Wells.
My form is not for sale, although I have given a copy to both for evaluation.

Just got told to steep for $150 wind mit on new form. Oh well I imagine there are a ton of folks who are doing them for the same price as the old. Fools this was the chance to raise prices.

I to will likely end up having to lower my prices just to get the phone to ring. To bad so sad :frowning:

Thats where I get mine. I can complete 10-12 wind mits a day using it and be home at 5:30 to be with the family.

Call John at Honor Construction. You will have the form loaded with pictures when you pull out of the driveway.


I have mine through HomeGauge. They update the forms each time they change.

I get mine from Magnum Inspections…always updated and no waiting…:mrgreen::mrgreen:


I have a version that I was giving to InterNACHI members free. You can do photos, Roof Certification and so on with it. The offer has officially expired but I’ll cover InterNACHI members for the next couple of days while we work on the new free version. The new free version will not have as many features as the one I have been giving to InterNACHI members. Of course, I have a paid version too :wink:

I sent you an email.

Guys I will get this handled, I am working with My IT guy to make a app and software that cranks these. I have not problem paying for them