Foundation Issue? Is this safe, how should this be fixed?

Thanks for taking a look at these pictures.

I am currently building a new home and walked the basement yesterday to find the I beams are being supported by tons of shims. This doesn’t appear to be safe to me… How should this be repaired?

Thanks all.

You do not indicate where you are located so local regulations may differ.

Shims at beam termination points must be welded to the beam and each other in my neck of the woods.

I don’t think this is a safe situation at all. I think I would have if fixed before any further construction took place, if possible.


Not my decision to tell how to repair but it is wrong and needs immediate REPAIR .

Ditto both the above, shims should not vary dramatically in size and they should be welded. This builder phoned it in.

These photos belong in the unusual things thread! Just wrong!!!

It requires repair and for this you have to contact the basement finishing company in your area. They will resolve this issue.