Foundation repair salesman and encapsulation systems

i hear ya per, 'foundation repair contractors are very often fallacious, unfounded and biased = unethical

now don’t get all goosey but there are ‘some’ foundation/waterproofing contractors who ‘get’ this subject and are not trying to screw over n lie to homeowners but i’ll give ya the fact that most are… fallacious, biased and crooks, yep. On the other hand, there are some engineers, many less than foundation morons, who screw up and make the WRONG call/recommendation, just saying.

are encapsulation systems necessary? lol
3rd paragraph, says, 'The crawl space is literally encapsulated with a vinyl liner. NO MOISTURE can seep in from the GROUND…"
Are you serious? If he or anyone else means, NO moisture, no water can enter crawl spaces AFTER encapsulation then they simply don’t know what they’re yapping about… one example of many, video… see the exterior pathways where water was GETTING IN! lol So, even if someone did spend $5,000-10,000 whatever on crawl space encapsulation, it does not at all mean NO water will enter, come on man, better than this comment

crawl space, bowed in wall, multiple EXT cracks, open, deteriorated mortar joints and some disintegrated blocks… all allowed water IN! lololll i mean, HELLO!!! NO encapsulation system and 25 sump pumps installed STOPS water from entering any of these.

By duh way, the neighbor poured NEW driveway all the way UP-against this homeowners crawl wall so lol, there were CONCRETE slabs ALL ALONG this side of house, pitched AWAY, STILL LEAKED and more blocks would have deteriorated, what say YOU? ha!

“Do you see what i see?”
Click the stupid photo, what HAPPENED to some of the blocks??? And what are you going to do about it? NOTHING, the usual.

My guys and i and homeowners we do work for know water was getting in THROUGH these, because of these EXT openings… because i ran a water test with a hose on the outside and water came into crawls, or basements, most within 5 minutes… but some are gonna try n bulshtt me and sing some stupid song of shit? lololllllllllllllllllll Again, slapping vapor barriers all over a crawl does not, will not ever stop water from getting in through these ext-cracks/openings, no way in hell


Keep up the good work, Mark!

It will sink in where it is supposed to eventually. :grin:

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