Foundation repair

This is a repair to the corner of a foundation, the beam is for a small section of the home, not a lot of weight. the company is a well known in this area.
what do you think, I am saying to have it checked out.

If it looks like c r a p then it probably is. Regardless of what it looked like before they smeared the epoxy on, that is poor attempt at fixing the problem.

That’s a whole lot of JB Weld!

Wonder how much that screwed up repair cost?:slight_smile:

What a sloppy looking job. :shock:

So the corner was chipping away and an epoxy guy smeared goo all over to “bond” the beam and wall together??? OHHHH BUBBBBAAAA!!!

The pink blinded his judgment.

all I see is… radio ga ga, epoxy goo goo.

I’m in love with my EPOXY… got a feel for my epoxy-mobile … when I’m crusing in epoxy-drive, don’t have to listen to no run of duh mill talk jive. I’m in LOVE wiff EPOXY!

thanks for that lead Mr. Bazzo!!!

It probably looks worse than it is, do you have a full picture of the wall below the I beam?

Obviously the epoxy patch looks like **** but maybe the cracks were minimal, I am just saying.

LOL…it looks like the epoxy guy was being paid by the ounce

Anytime sir