Foundation wall anchors and an interior drainage system = IDIOTZZZz

stupid American bullshttt, FRAUD, misrepresenting the actual existing problems in order to sell homeowners their stupid fkkg bullshtt, now like it not that’s the g dang truth…
and by the way, how much MONEY do you think previous owner spent on this shttt? MORE than it would have cost for exterior waterproofing, jezzzzu k------risttmas, dumb azz bullshit, did I say that, yeah

side wall again…

Back wall… BOWED IN

INSIDE the basement… loser, lying, FRAUDULENT sobs, that goes to quite a REALTORS as well

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when they bore through foundation walls installing this crap… do you SEE what THEY cauuuuuuuuuuse on the exterior of the walls???

did the wall anchors remove, reduce ANY exterior lateral SOIL PRESSURE off the g dang walls?
NOOOOooooOOOOOOooooo azz ho

did the inside basement drainage system STOP water that has ALWAYS (many years) been entering through extttttttterior cracks?

so when your dingaling realtor azz or HI azz or seller azz sees this SHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, don’t be a weak, biiiatch accomplice to frrrrrrraud!

your full of shttt, always been full of shtttt and apparently will DIE full of sht

what other STUPID ideas do you have for homeowner who have leaky basements n walls bowing in… “raise and slope the grade” = stupid pathetic weak shtt, “interior system”… stupid fkgggg scamming weak bulllshttt", “drylok paint”, hahahhaaaaa LOSERVILLE… and so on, INCOMPETENT dumb mfg shttt, eat it n die

oh, one more thing penis head, see the step cracks… eh, there is NO settling, the house is NOT settling!!!

Sic 'em, Mark!

Hope you and yours are well. :smile:

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It don’t get any better Marc, does it?
I guess they deserve it for not getting a concrete foundation instead of block in those types of back fills and soil conditions. LOL

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Having a bad day?

My dad had beams installed40 years ago, now the walls are shearing next to them and at the corners.

What is the best solution?

Dig out out side to bottom of footing drain pipe sch 80 with holes down. With or with out cloth that will clog gravel or washed slag. Back fill with what?

Can you remove whatever is putting such pressure on the wall(s)?

Just because what a home inspector or appraiser or structural engineer etc sees on the INSIDE of basement does NOT ever mean you see the WHOLE STORY, doesn’t mean there aren’t any structural issues/cracks etc on the OUTSIDE of these foundation walls! lolol Just look at videos.

Just because some don’t know, don’t want to know/understand what’s going on, on the exterior of these foundation walls doesn’t give ya permission, ‘all clear sign off’ to banks, lenders, BUYERS of the house

INSIDE basement, wall anchors and INT system… yeah, some may look and claim it ‘doesn’t appear too bad etc’, right???

Same house, OUTSIDE… see any structural cracks/problems???

Same house, other wall

How about this house… INSIDE basement

OUTSIDE here, see any structural issues/cracks? Anywhere ya see where water can get in, further deteriorate blocks and mortar joints?

Looking at foundation walls from inside doesn’t quite give you the full story now does it?

What about ROOFS… can you/anyone inspect a roof from the attic?

one more g dang thing, these interior system knuckleheads… when they drill through these foundation walls, are they causing MORE damage to the wall, more openings/pathways for water to get in basements? Damn right they are, told ya many moons ago.

man if that basement wasn’t leaking before they put in those anchors it sure was afterward…

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very astute point from an HI in Buckeye land… jiMMMMMMMMMyyy, how r ya?

may uncle Bubb’s add another point, all these bowed in block, brick foundation walls have… ready??? lol EXXXXXXXXterior cracks/cracked exterior parging, uh huh, and so then these twit-heads CAUSE even more openings on the outside of the walls for our lil friend, water, oh yes indeed.

So when Pee Wee and Herman the salesdorks come over FER a visit, an estimate, do they INFORM homeowners there ALREADY are exterior cracks and say something like, ‘And we are going to add more openings on the outside of your walls’, I don’t TINK so eh

Mark, have you ever come across a block foundation yet that had problems like that, but had horizontal Dur-a-wall joint reinforcement and vertical cores every 2’ filled with concrete?

Mister C, we’ve seen quite a few block walls that were previously FILLED (cores) with all concrete, the cracks that were visible on the INSIDE were tuckpointed… and the walls bowed in, cracked, leaked

Trying to make a block wall similar to a poured wall doesn’t change the facts that expansive soil existed against these walls and or underground tree roots grew against these walls or 1 or more concrete slabs settled against wall etc, causing cracks etc

Engineer… ‘Long term water penetration THROUGH exterior block wall caused blocks to disintegrate, crumble, deteriorate…’

So even when these bubbleheads DON’T install wall anchors etc causing MORE openings for water to enter and quite possibly deteriorate some blocks (further weakening the wall) , allowing water to pass through foundation walls is incompetent, ignorant and imo fraudulent.

And what about foundation walls that have rebar in 'em? Allowing water to pass through cracks etc may indeed find some of the reinforcing rods

That’s what I thought Mark. So for the life of me, why are they constructing fricking foundations with block?
Don’t make sense. Or are you just fixing the existing ones and they finally realized that Concrete is the only way to go. :smiley: