Foundation wall anchors failed..... hahaha, really? duh!

:45 … according to homeowner the basement wall anchors failed almost immediately

And the installation of those wall anchors caused MORE gaps-openins on exterior of wall belwo grade allowing more water in, oh YES they did!!!

TOTAL NEGLIGENCE, as usual. Think of how much $ this and many other homeowners have thrown out the window on this self-serving crap from interior system morons.

I don’t care IF there is a back porch on the exterior, the wall like many others needed to be hand dug on the exterior aka waterproofed correctly and backfilled with all gravel. If there actually is a porch on the exterior, IT can cause some of these problems! smh SURE it can… so leave it there against the wall, a deteriorated porch FOOTING can certainly cause some of these problems, just saying if n when there is a porch

There has been, for many years… multiple exterior cracks in the block wall so doing anything inside the basement is not going to reduce, relieve any exterior weight-pressure acting upon these wall baby!

AND one more time, they do not fix-waterproof any of the exterior cracks so further widening, deterioration of these walls is likely! ABSOLUTE incompetence and negligence, SUE the company/contractor who BS’d ya, that’s right!

God example video of what i mean when these idiots push–FORCE rod wall anchors rods through these walls, they CAUSE MORE exterior gaps/openings in these wall allowing more water to penetrate these wall = quicker deterioration of wall

Marky supposedly bashes some-others, well J K people, can you for once see WHY!!! smh

Mr Duffy, if at all possible please help get the truth out to homeowners on this subject, RIP man

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