just another piece of crap interior basement system, beams, wall bowed in etc

thousands of dollars down the drain, all because the company who installed this junk is either incompetent or they simply do not give one shtt about homeowners aka, lie to the homeowners for self gain.

first part of video is the back corner (yes the cupcake system was installed here), some mold and efflorescence on some blocks and water coming in.

last part is the front wall, wall has bowed in, bottom blocks deteriorated, leaks etc.

The BEAMS that were installed ($$$) did not stop further damage to the dang wall man. More cracks have occurred since the beams and interior basement system were installed. WHY???

Because interior systems do not relieve, remove, reduce ANY exterior weight, any exterior pressure acting upon the wall!

And… water has been, still is… entering the exterior cracks in the block wall that these nimrods did not repair/waterproof!

Here’s another nitwit interior system company, part of the caption says/claims, 'The water pressure inside the block foundation can cause structural damage if not relieved"
This is ONE of their many lies, misrepresentations etc. They’re trying to bs peeps by stating, when they drill the holes to let water out, all will be fine!!! NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT azz holes!

Ok so they drill holes in the blocks and water comes out, ok fine.
What they don’t understand OR do and do not tell people is…
if you don’t waterproof the exterior of the block wall, waterproof the exterior cracks in the block wall (which of course the do NOT), then water will CONTINUE to enter into the blocks!!! It’s still going to cause damage to the jonts and blocks because…water will still get in them!@!@@!@ omfg the number of idiots is unbelievable.

And they wrong is assuming/claiming that just the water can cause damage… what about the clay soil, underground roots etc that caused the exterior cracks and wall to bow in and subsequent leaks in the first place!!!

Here’s where the water FIRST…first…enters into the blocks, duuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Drilling weep holes into blocks wall allows the water that is in most of the blocks, out. That’s it, that’s all it can do.
Drilling holes does not EVER stop FURTHER water from entering into the blocks, idiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The kinds of PRESSURE one should be worried about is, lateral soil pressure, clay soil and underground tree roots and concrete slabs that can settle,lean against a wall and porch footings that can move, shift just a little against a wall and cause damage. SURE, trying to divert some water away from a house is fine, it can help but on the longer, heavier rains the soil is going to get wet, saturate, swell…regardless of the grade.

Drilling holes in blocks walls is fine 'n frigging dandy IF you STOP further water from getting into the blocks through exterior cracks and other exterior openings in walls and above walls. The water, chemicals etc that gets into these block walls is what deteriorates the blocks and joints so, i ask again, what good is installing an interior system and drilling weep holes when water is going to continue to get into the blocks through exterior cracks etc that these misfits don’t repair/waterproof. TOTAL blll****, always has been, always will be.

Dougie with basement solutions (ahem! on duh solutions)… he says what about drilling weep holes? Does he understand or tell people HOW, WHERE the water gets into the blocks, huh? Does he tell peeps how to STOP further water from getting into the blocks? Nope. You’d have to be a total moron on this subject to allow water to continue to enter, to pass through the blocks and joints, weakening the blocks and joints, plus it can cause x-amount of mold or efflorescence on block walls. Leaving these holes OPEN also allows radon gas easier access into the basement, wonderful.