Four Point Question

I did a 4 Point inspection on a home without any A/C or heat today. Window units and space heaters only. How do you respond? I listed it as no HVAC system installed, only window units and space heaters. Should I have responded differently? Just an after thought… you guys are the best.

I would just have mentioned as you did (window units). I wouldn’t say “no hvac”. Window units are a type of hvac especially if they have heat strips or are reverse cycle. I would also mention the space heaters as you did Eric.


I also state what is there not what is not.

Example under a/c type would be 3 window units.

You can see my 4 point form at:

Sounds good to me…I usually just tack an…“only”…on the end of items like that.
window units only
Most insurance companies will not insure a home with space heaters for heat. Way to dangerous.
I would include a photo of the heaters so they can decide.

A/C: Window units.

Heat: Space heater and type

Insurer’s will not write a policy if there is no source of heat. A reversing wall unit will suffice, a space heater no.

I had this situation where the client was using a space heater and had a non reversing wall a/c unit. The agent and I advised the client to have a reversing unit installed and that would satisfy the underwriting guidelines.

Not sure about what insurance company that is but, I have inspected many homes where there was no source of heat and they were insured. Maybe there are different policies for each insurer? Also, it may depend on the age of the home in question. If it’s an older home where central heat was not an amenity, then maybe they make an exception? I may call an agent tomorrow morning and ask that same question.


Bert, I think it depends on the area. I remember when we were doing construction things were different down to miami verses port saint lucie Regarding heat source

Yes, you are most likely right Preston. I think it varies with location also.