Framing issues with home and notching

Looking at this framing the framers cut notches exceeding 25% of the depth, and because this is a load bearing wall this would be not up to code correct?

Where is the notching you are concerned about?


I didn’t see any notching either Brian. Hard to tell from a screenshot too. Maybe we are supposed to be seeing the flex ducting running through the I joists?

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What else would he be talking about?


Maybe be thinks the blocking is continuous?


I highlighted where they put relief cuts on the studs that far exceed to 25% requirement.

Meaning the blocking for nailing the panel edges?


Verify if those are notched, or just blocked. Verify if your area requires fire blocking (meaning blocking the entire wall cavity). When insulation is done, verify the insulation is notched to match, not just laid over the flat framed blocking.

I think that they partially cut the stud to straighten it because it bowed. They should sister another stud over the cut.

Okay, if they didn’t sister the joint it would not be up to code correct?

I think that would be more of a judgement call vs code.

I think opinions may vary here, but considering the lateral bracing the sheathing provides and the overall component or composition strength, I don’t think there is much to worry about. But adding a sister cord would resolve any doubt.

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We are not code inspectors. Code in this case would may vary state to state, county by county or even city by city.

The framer should have set the bowed studs aside and cut them up for cripples and sills,( shorter pieces )
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Code can’t cover every situation.

A bit of wood glue and some wedges would make that better.
A sister is overkill.
A metal plate might look nice, probably not do much.

Is this your home?

The framer also alternated the sheathing, and he has it partially vertical and horizontal. There’s your sign, inexperience.
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There are numerous flaws in there. The more you look, the more you see.

OK, I can’t stop looking. Everywhere you look, there is a flaw.


What else do you see, I’m honestly curious to see what they messed up.

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You are correct about the 25% notching for load bearing walls. Looks like 40% (1 1/2"), only allowable for non-load bearing. R602

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I would have to look at the plans.

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