FREA Endorses for Liability Protection

I have just spoken to Michael regarding his meetings last week in Denver and he confirmed that Nigel with FREA was over the moon that our report upload technology gave inspectors the ability to have an automated report delivery system with a built-in inspection agreement and customer service feedback system.

This reduces every inspector’s liability when a report is delivered.

There are many other functions with this technology, it is not simply a report uplaod system.

Right now, this technology is free for all who want to use it and depending on use, we may be able to keep it free if we can get outside sponsorship.

I have set up a demo company for everyone to try out if they don’t want to set up their own company. Go to and log into the company module using the user name demo and the password test. This will log you into the main company module where you can see all of the functions. Upload reports and use your email address as the client or Realtor to receive the email with a user name and password to log in and view the client and Realtor side of the technology.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to email me at or give me a call. 888.589.2112.


This is excellent! Thanks Catherine. I believe there are also benefits with other insurance companies? Or am I mistaken?

The seamstress continues stitching.

Keep an eye out Nick. One of these days, Catherine and I will announce a showing of our really big quilt. :wink: