FREA's Communicator doing an interview with me for upcoming issue.

Most of their 140,000 subscribers are appraisers. The rest are home inspectors. Is there anything you think I should focus on? It is a dedicated story, one on one with me.


Could you touch base on why lenders should request an inspection before issuing the loan for the home? I had a talk about that today w/ a fellow member. Looks as though the market is shifting there anyway. Let’s advertise it now yeah?


Get a good night’s sleep the night before. If you do, it will go fine.

As you are so fond of saying, “Just do it!”.

You make us proud. Just “keep on keeping on”. :mrgreen:

Don’t we get an advance peek at the content of the interview, Nick.:wink:

Yes, if Terrie allows me to.

I hired, through a straw party that did not reveal the funding source, an independent surveying and analysis consulting firm to create a profile of the average NACHI member vs other inspectors in the industry.

In summary, the average NACHI member is better equipped, creates better reports, performs better inspections, suffers fewer complaints, is more ethical, has access to more support, and is better trained and educated than any other category of inspector.

All our front-loading of membership requirements, innovation, testing, vendor relationships, strong Code of Ethics, member support, education and training paid off. We are the elite Special Forces of the inspection industry.

This is profound, Nick. Congratulations on the foresight in having such an objective analysis conducted.

Will this consulting firm be able to share their protocol in gathering and reporting these findings to state legislators who are presently being told by their ASHI lobbiests stories to the contrary?

ASHI lobbyists? After 30 years of lobbying they have made ASHI membership a requirement of law in guess how many states, provinces and countries?


They actually legislate themselves into obscurity everywhere they go to work.

No, I have much bigger plans.

And I know you will share them with us at the appropriate time.

I can’t wait to read the interview.

In our area, we are finding:

  • More and more new inspectors coming to NACHI, at least to events but more likely for membership and chapter membership.
  • Increased inquiry from ASHI and NAHI members as to what NACHI is all about.
  • Many established, long term members of other associations wanting to come over.
  • Much more recognition, among Realtors of NACHI and of the “higher standards” we provide.
  • Many more Realtor requests for the “3 deadly mistakes” brochures for display in offices.
  • Many Real Estate lawyers e-mailing and calling me to compliment the quality of work that NACHI members do.
  • Realtors calling me, saying that they are seeing more and more RE lawyers, at the closing, commenting on the quality and thoroughness of the reports and noting the NACHI logo on the reports. The Realtors are asking:[LIST]
  • Is this a state thing? A change in the law that they didn’t hear about?
  • Wanting to know the URL of the Chapter web site.
  • Wanting to have the URL of the NACHI SOP page.
  • Asking about new construction pre-listing inspections and if the report can be used as a marketing tool.
    *]Wanting to get linked on the Chapter web site (which we don’t do!).
    [/LIST]The times, they are a changing!

Been doing the interview with them all day today.