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I think he better be carefull. He seems to be spouting the same misinformation as someone from PA!

Funny how they leave out that you can Join ASHI and send in a check, then do your 250, then take their vaunted exam! :roll:

How does performing 250 inspections prior to membership qualify someone if those inspections were not monitored? No one knows for sure those inspections were on the up and up, or done to a standard.

My Home Page has a “kind” response to my fellow local inspector . . .

Love it, great team … Cookie

I didn’t know you were in business with your daughter. Is she old enough to be an inspector? :wink: :smiley:

Oh, Jeanne’s gonna love you for that one!

She looks so young because, even after 8 years together, we’ve never made the same paper mistake we’d each made twice before!
:wink: :smiley:

Hey Russell,
How do you become the “Most Trusted” home inspector in N. Idaho? We have an inspector around here that touts he is the “Most Qualified” in the area. I’ve always wonder if these are voted on, or self proclaimed… Seriously though, not poking fun, just curious. Do realtors or clients vote on this somewhere I’m clueless about,… Id like to get on the ballot.

No problem, Pete-
but thanks for your consideration!

Somewhere in my U.S. travels I came across that line, and immediately appropriated it (it was for another trade, actually, & I don’t remember which).

Since then, I’ve been flattered that a H&W realtor team locally has adopted it (re-worded) for their own use.

Feel free to adopt it!

Here we go again, another A$$Y snob who perpetuates the myth that the sheer quantity of inspections equates to quality …

Come on guys. You have to read the fine print.


In no way a jab at the website, but some of it is a tad hard to follow with the font and color changes so intermingled…

Just an observation of your very pertinent and educational page … :smiley:

I also noted you’ve not adopted the ‘power of nines’ pricing strategy… I did a couple years ago (I guess it was just under 2 that RR espoused the idea and convinced me :mrgreen:)

An ardent fan in the Low Country…

Mike, thanks for your comments!

I can control the colors, & will revisit that. I’ve always had challenges with controlling fonts and sizes on the site - I wonder if other people who use Roberta’s templates have the same issues? It’s definitely not WYSIWYG, when you type in one thing and get another.

Not sure if this will even copy…

My job, as your Home Inspector, is to determine whether …

is near the bottom… goes up a font size in the middle of the sentence…

It’s all great info, you just need to get a webmaster to work on it for you…

You can smack me in Vegas next year for pointing it out! :mrgreen:

Not a problem, Mike - Thanks!

Great response Russ. When I get my website up and running, mind if I plagerize it? We also have no state requirements her in MI.

Go for it - enjoy, All!

As a home inspector, an educator, and home inspection report software publisher I have tried to be as unbiased as I can. I certainly don’t want to alienate any home inspector. However hard I try, I have a hard time not letting my biases show. I am a big supporter of NACHI. I am NOT an ASHI member and I very seriously doubt that I ever will be (even though I meet their “requirements”).

NACHI is the only organization that offers REAL benefits to the members. More than anything else, what makes NACHI the BEST association for home inspectors is that we are always helping each other. We are not just a bunch of brutes pounding our chests proclaiming how good we are. We are down to earth inspectors trying to earn an honest living and helping others to be successful also.

I’m not writing this for the benefit of NACHI members. We already know what it is that makes NACHI the NUMBER ONE home inspection association in the known universe. I am writing this message for the benefit of new inspectors who are looking for some direction and a home. So - all you new inspectors, look at what at what the other guys have to offer then look at NACHI. After you check out the other guys, it’s an easy decision - WELCOME TO NACHI!