Free 3-day Commercial Inspection course February 24-26, 2007.

Okee Dokee, Sign me up please,
Check will be on the way,

Colorado Springs is about 50 miles from Denver, so
I’ll make the check out for $200-50= $150?
If that sounds right, let me know ASAP, and I’ll write it out, and send it in the AM.


Steven, that is correct. See ya there, I’m taking the course also.

I am looking forward to this class. Please sign me up. I will send check in the morning. I am about 150 miles from Den.
Thanks, Nick what a great opportunity.

Hey Nick…sign me up…I am 50 miles away…sendng a check for $150.00


I hate to be an a$$ but…what is free about $200-$1 for every mile?

What if I don’t want a $35 lunch everyday?

I’m confused…

Its better than the normal $699.00 that is charged for this course

Not arguing that…just wondering…no doubt it is quite a deal since I’m 85 miles away from the site, however, it has been billed as a FREE course and now it isn’t unless you live over 200 miles away…

I probably won’t go anyway, I am working, but I get irritated by these sorts of things…and I’m probably not the only one. I’m just the only one saying anything.


Can you add me to the list? I mailed check this morning.

Hello Tom Here,
I,m signing up for the “FREE CLASS” my is check in the mail.

Thomas DeMers
Regional Home Inspectors
Colorado Springs Co