Free case of Environmental Concerns books. Free for IAC2 members.

Cool…more manuals for the local Realtors, and they’re FREE.

I love it.

Thank Nick.

I just saw these on the main site yesterday. Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks, Email just sent, these are a great marketing tool I’ll put to use. :smiley:

Email sent
Thanks Nick and NACHI family Keep up the good work

E-mail sent!

Thanks Nick

I could use some.

John M. Acaron

These will make for a great follow-up visit after I finish distributing the Manual for a Happy Home…

Thanks Nick!!!

(E-mail sent)

email sent
thanks Nick!!

Spasiba, Nikolai.


Are you shipping any of these to Canada or have you arranged for a printer here to ship these manuals direct?

I just found a printer in Toronto who will print all our stuff so we won’t have to fight customs any more! Orders already placed.

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Email sent, thanks Nick.

Thanks Nick the email is sent off.

Shayne Kyle

Petawawa On

Email sent… Thanks Nick

Got mine in the mail today, will start sending them out next week.


I received mine today, thank you. I’ll be affixing the biz card, and start delivery next week. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks again,


I received mine today. I will be attaching my stickers and handing them out next week.
Thanks a lot Nick.

I received my shipment today.

Thanks Nick and NACHI.

Bill Thacker

I got mine today and will be passing them out the next trip to the local RE offices.