Free floorplan drawing software bundle (Windows mobile, Tablet & Desktop)...

Dear All Forum Users,

We are developing a floor plan drawing & data collection tool for use by any one who wish to draft existing conditions. We are not yet in beta but would like to give the bundle free for use for those who have a Windows Mobile or Tablet PC Or Desktop and does not have a software to draw floor plan on site. You can download the software from the link given below. The bundle include Windows Mobile, Windows Tablet & Windows Desktop software.

Desktop installation requirement:
OS: Windows XP Or Windows VISTA with Active Sync.

Windows Mobile Installation:
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 or above.
RAM: 192 MB, 64MB free on running.
Processor Speed: 400 or above
Distance measurement: Leica DISTO A6 or latest
Wall joint angle measurement: mite-R-Gage


Warm regards,
Suresh Kumar

Are you a new lendor? Better watch out!!!

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Thank you very much.

You speak very good english…where did you learn how?

K-Mart CD special?

Oops sorry for my bad English. “We does not know whether posting this message help the forum users.” I guess i corrected that now. The product download link is located on the top of the page now.

Thank you very much.

Suresh, i can see your product being useful to those that require perimeter drawings, good luck…appears someone may have woke up a little grumpy


Thanks for the post!

This software looks very interesting, especially for the price.



It looks like good software.
Sketchup on steroids.

Now I need a good laser meter.

Thank you very much for all the reply posts.

The pricing will always be very attractive. Please note that the Desktop & Tablet PC product is under development and the Windows Mobile is in alpha. We will try and finish the bundle for commercial usage as soon possible. We are a small team and we appreciate your patience. Even though its not fully ready (Fully commercial), it can be used for sketching needs.

Thank you very much.

Dear All Forum Users,

Some users who has downloaded the product asked us for more help files. We know that the help files are of basic nature. We have included the videos just to make the sketching more easier. We hope once you understand the basics in draftEzy, it will be easy. For the perimeter drawings users can use the keyboard shortcuts to complete the drawing. The tool selection in the Windows Desktop & Tablet PC is little difficult as it is under development. We hope we will give more professional help files and finished sketcher at the earliest. We hope the product will help those who has sketching needs, please send in your feedback so that we can make it better… Thank you very much for your time in advance.

Thank you very much for your time,
Have a nice day.
Suresh Kumar

Dear All Forum Users,

We have a new product video for our windows mobile draftEzy software. The software has no restrictions and is available for download at . Please see the video and see if it fits your purpose.

Video : The product is touch enabled but we does not make any claim that its fit for commercial usage, though the software is provided without any restrictions and tested for bugs.

Thank you all,
Best Regards
Suresh Kumar.


It is very hard for me to find the location of the download for tablet pc.

You said it was up top?
where exactly?

Dear Joseph Tribuzio](,

Thank you very much for showing interest in draftEzy. Sorry for the delay in my part. You need to register with us to download the product. All products are given free. We will release a Windows Mobile, Tablet PC, Desktop bundle in around a month and a half time which will be more towards drawing on site floor plan for commercial usage. If anybody has any suggestions or problem downloading the software, please do let us know at synettechnologies @] yahoo [dot] com.

You can register via the express registration also, which just take a few seconds and as easy as giving the email ID. Please visit the link below for express registration.

Hopes this helps.

Warm regards,
Suresh Kumar