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Will the code direct it to my site?

No, it sends the contact information of the consumer who is on your inspection website to your phone and email. You put the code on your inspection business website. Or just highlight the button, copy it, and paste it to your site.

Nick why doesn’t the rest of the inspectors realize that being a CMI would give the more inspections?..And not counting all the great really money making benefits?
I’ve increased my inspections incredibly just being a CMI.
What is wrong with them?

I copied the code to my site, but the code is missing something.
I shows up as code when published.

I emailed them for the customized code…
Lets see what happens after that.

OK, we’ll make you custom HTML code.

Can they make me one too, please?

I made the directions easier so you can do it yourself. Refresh: Follow those steps.

I made the instructions even clearer now:

But let me know if something is not clear so that I can keep tweaking instructions.

Directions improved again:

Ok cool, CMI call me button… i have a bunch of upgrades to make that will be one of them.

Awesome and Thank you Nick. About 7 seconds after I clicked send, the system called me.

I also got an e-mail right about the same time with a phone # and e-mail.

Works great!


WOW! Can we have it?

Nice!! I would love to put that on my website.

Go for it. Here’s a large version