Porch.com: Every real estate transaction will have the "Buy Your Home Back" Guarantee

I have some exciting news to share about a deal I’ve negotiated with Porch’s CEO, Matt Ehrlichman.

Here are the highlights:

Every InterNACHI member gets to offer the Porch Home Assistant for free to their customers. I’ve negotiated this to now include $100 in handyman services that you’ll be able to provide to every customer. Additionally, InterNACHI members only will be able to get InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee for free for every customer – sponsored by Porch. We are going to start with making the free “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee available to all InterNACHI members using ISN and every InterNACHI member in Texas and Georgia (initially, until we hire additional InterNACHI staffers to deal with the increased Buy Back volume). We do plan to roll this out nationwide, but if you don’t use ISN and until our “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee is available in your state or province for free, I’ve negotiated for you to get a 2nd $100 in Handyman Services to give to each of your customers.

I know there are a lot of open questions about Porch, particularly because people want to make sure their security and data policies are good. It’s the reason I invested in Porch. I’m now able to ensure no data is being shared. If Porch is going to be a partner in our industry, I wanted to make sure I have some oversight and everything looks to be all good at this point.

If you are still an ASHI member and haven’t yet advanced up to InterNACHI, you cannot get the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee unless you first join InterNACHI (sorry ASHI members), but Porch has a 90 Day Inspection Guarantee they can offer you instead. If you miss something on an inspection, this offer has Porch fixing the problem up to the cost of the inspection. Obviously, InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee is much more compelling to real estate agents and consumers and so now is the time for you few, remaining ASHI holdouts to upgrade to InterNACHI membership.

If you’re an ISN member, log into your account, go to Settings and opt into Porch, and select the Buy Back Guarantee to get this going. If you’re not an ISN member, sign up for the “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee on InterNACHI’s site and select for Porch to sponsor it for you. If you still have some questions before activating, you can post them here on this InterNACHI message board thread, and Porch’s CEO Matt Ehrlichman will answer them.

Our goal at InterNACHI is to all but eliminate the financial risk of buying a home. Toward that end we aim to have every real estate transaction in North America include InterNACHI’s “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee.

The InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program - InterNACHI

When will it be offered in California?

For more information, please visit: InterNACHI® Partners with Porch.com - InterNACHI

For more information and to sign up for the InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program, visit The InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program - InterNACHI.

It doesn’t address what we have to give up to Porch as far as client privacy issues.

Will porch call/email/text/contact my customers?

Is this something that we can offer and opt into on a case by case basis?

The InterNACHI® Buy-Back + Porch Program - InterNACHI

If you use ISN but are not opting in for porch, are Buy Backs still free?

Thanks Frank.

After reading that I have one remaining concern. It talks about “Homeowner-client” and that only 3% can opt out. I do a lot of investor inspections (>25% currently) and they would all be opted out of all additional options (even Nachi wouldn’t want most of these houses!). How is this tracked separately within ISN?

Yes it does… your credibility! You did read the “No Complaint Guarantee” they squeezed in at the bottom of the long page, right? Gotta love that “Limit of Liability” clause! Ha! What a friggin joke!

Interesting… We were given this link to “ask” questions, but I don’t see any answers yet… Is there another link with answers LOL :wha?:

Easier and more peace of mind to completely bypass Porch and ISN and just pay for the BuyBack yourself.

Although some good is evident in this offering it is set up in a way that you better be on board because all the successful inspectors will be using the BuyBack. Why would a homeowner choose a non BuyBack inspector when for free they get assurance and peace of mind as well as a bucket of great stuff they can buy.

This is the beginning of being gently forced to get on the bus or be left behind. Inspectors will get more work but the real money is in the freebies inspectors will be hard put to refuse to offer, as we all learned nothing is really free and Porch and the other vendors will make millions bit by bit using the contact information you give them.

Sure you can be independent but the inspectors who see this as a pure business decision will be eating your lunch.

Some sweeping changes will be coming into our profession the results will be no different than what cable TV or Home Depot did to small businesses. The best inspectors will thrive, the rest will become employees.

If you do get any answers, my bet would be that they are nothing more than another song and dance routine around the real truth.

This whole sham is simply a plan to collect more data from all of us so that a few people can make big bling off it. It isn’t rocket science here.


IMO the key word here is “free”. As we all no nothing is free.

1 Home Adviser
2 Porch
3 American Family Insurance
5 Home Hub Zone / Home Gauge
6 ReCallChek
7 Buy Back

If you guys have problem with porch or american family purchases and use any of the above then bite your tongue .

I avoid all and unfortunately have just after reading this decided to no longer recommend Buy Back to new guys .

Nice post Paul. I just read the porch/buy-back brochure and threw up in my mouth a little bit. Hey Mr. Home Inspector, just hand over your client’s information so they can be spammed with multiple calls and emails pushing service providers that you know nothing about. In return you can sleep better at night and avoid any personal responsibility if you perform a crappy home inspection. I guess that’s the model, and I’ll have to pass on that. When I hire a home inspector I want the best inspector, not the successful inspection company with 8 inspectors who pushes gimmicks and performs a half a s s inspection to maintain his agents. There will always be a market for people with the same mindset. But maybe you’re right, time will tell.

Not exactly true Bob. I use HG, But None of their auxiliary services, other than uploading reports and cloud transfer. No one else (without my knowledge) gets any of my clients personal info. I have Never had a client complain about getting spammed.

If/when I learn they are sharing any of my clients personal info I will go elsewhere in a New York minute.

Also I do not offer Buy Back, Warranties, or anything else, and my business continues to grow as fast as I can keep up with it.


Your track record is not so good. Perhaps you should clearly and precisely … without the Nick Gromicko sidestep and double-speak … answer the following questions, for the record:

  1. When this Porch entity is sold to the next party, how will you be able to control what they do with the database of personal home buyer information that they purchase with the business?

  2. Apart from your assurances, what lawful and tangible guarantee (not “assurance”) can you offer to home buyers that their private data will never be traded, shared, or sold and how will you back up that lawful and tangible guarantee (not “assurance”)?

  3. When and if you discover that home buyer information is being traded, shared, or sold, what contractual mechanisms are in effect between you and Porch that will empower you to stop it from happening?

I guess, in other words, what is behind your “ability to ensure” the home buyer’s privacy beyond your message board post promoting a new “benefit”?

Yes a blind eye is why these guys win…Keep fooling yourself that a Insurance company wants report software to make you’re puny life better .Thats how Trump won…so go ahead and talk but remember you will be a hypocrite as you have been bought…oh wait you ain’t getting nothing are you Ooops.PT Barnum had a saying …Hmmmmm.

Matt, call me if you need a consultant in south florida or florida in general- 305-728-9825