Free listing for all members who took Dougie's course. Apply now.

Canadian-friendly search on Provinces:

Done and on list.

Thanks Nick and Doug.


Thanks Nick and Doug for another great way to better serve our clients and get us a better search engine placement.

I’m taking it to the REALTOR Convention next month.

Excellent job as usual Nick.

Thanks for the opportunity in taking the course and listing.

Received my first pro-lab package in the mail by UPS and doing my first mock mold inspection.

Hope to have my first inspection by weekend’s end.

Thanks Nick and Doug!

for some reason it isn’t accepting my application

It must be working already. I just got an inspection from Find An Inspector. :slight_smile: She’ll be calling me after they determine that this is the house they want for sure. I gave her the $100 off even though she didn’t have a coupon to make sure she doesn’t forget about me if this house falls through. I want her to call me back no matter what. So that is a 1300 sq ft house, reg. price $389, with coupon $289.