Free (pretty much) new, GM pickup trucks for InterNACHI members.

Got a deal going with GM. They have new pickup trucks comin’ out of their ears.

If any InterNACHI member buys a new GM pickup truck (nicer model), GM will give that InterNACHI member a second pickup truck (same truck but base model) totally free.

They own the trucks and do the financing to the terms are good and the requirements easy.

They will ship both of them anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

Interested members should email me at

Extra bonus! And seeing that GM borrowed this promotional idea from our buy 1 case, get one free… we are including a free case of with the trucks. :wink:

I have been thinking about getting one before years end, though not a pickup.
A dealer near me was giving away PT Cruisers if one buys a Blazer,etc.

I’m looking at this dea and it looks pretty good. Problem is, I don’t even really need a vehicle at all. I intentionally live within 3 blocks of NACHI.TV Studios (we even have showers here if I want to work all night) and within 2 blocks of a pizza shop.

This is not unique to NACHI. NBC news broadcasted this desperate promotion about a month ago.

Are you serious?

And the InterNACHI deal comes with a free case of :smiley:

You have GOT to be kidding me Nick.

BOGO for Trucks?

Whats the catch?

I guess it would depend on what the price of the first truck is.

No catch as far as I can tell. Buy one, get one free. I’m told that GM had to lease miles of land from the state of California to park all the new trucks they have. They are costing them money at this point.

University Dodge - Miami Area Dodge Dealer

I’ve heard they have the deal at some of the dealerships out here in California as well. At least out here you just have to buy one vehicle at sticker price, the 2nd is free but you have to pay the taxes on it (about $3000)

Seems like a great deal.

Yeah definitely, you can probably turn around and sell the 2nd for half price and make a nice profit!

Email sent.

Bob, get a pickup - we’ll split em. :slight_smile:

You can have the one with all the technology. :wink:

I can’t afford a new truck, but I will take someone’s FREE one! What a great deal!

You and me both, Jeff. And most of the rest of the country, hence no one is buying. :frowning:

In 2003 I bought a brand new GMC truck, sticker was 35k and paid 27k.

So using those numbers, you would pay the 35k plus 3k for the free one, total 38k.

The free one is a base truck probably worth about 17k.

You would be paying 38k for two trucks that you could normally buy for about 42k total.

Not that great a deal unless you already have someone lined up to buy one of them from you for a decent price. This of course is assuming the sticker price is not raised even more.

You must pay full retail price for the first truck. You must also pay all taxes and license fees and dealer prep and delivery for the free vehicle.

There are NO free lunches!

Don’t ever use sticker,retail,msrp or list, to buy a vehicle, use invoice or dealers actual cost (invoice - upgrades - destination) and don’t let them say they have to get the rebates it’s not theirs.