Free ride to Sarnia

A few of us are leaving Oakville area and going to the seminar in Sarnia, we have a couple of free seats and good conversation for long drive. Let me know if you want to ride along.


I wonder why some feel they should advertise for NON NACHI courses and seminars .
They then do not have the courtesy to post how well the course went how many showed up and was it worth the cost.
I feel this is far from proper way to do things .

Remember Whistler
Bill has a big anouncement comming soon

Roy,do you ever stop and take a deep breath and stop complaining about every thing that is posted on this site.
People will do what ever they want,weather you agree or not.
Stop and smell the roses ,once in a while,you are not required to post 20 times a day.

Welcome aboard Harry Glad to see you visit our Home ,
Unfortunately I am not allowed to post on your OAHI Forum
You see nothing wrong with coming and using our facilities ,
You also get upset when I read what you say on the OAHI site .
Harry I think you are extremely jealous of NACHI and very sad to see OAHI shrinking .
Harry;s latest OAHI post proves my statements.

("2/23/2011 6:41:32 PM
ACHI The Alliance Of Candaian Home Inspectors](
Harry Janssen

RW,and others have been lifting posts,for a long time from various sites,who really cares,not me ,because what ever they post makes no sense,I think most of us have figured this out ages a go

2/23/2011 6:43:16 PM
ACHI The Alliance Of Candaian Home Inspectors](
Harry Janssen

Steve,if you want to join,be my guest,free country,go for it

2/24/2011 11:12:20 AM
ACHI The Alliance Of Candaian Home Inspectors](
Steve Balshin

Being a very strong advocate and supporter of : OAHI, PHPIC, ASHI, CAHPI, NHICC at the present time I see no advantage whatsoever in joining the ACHI (The Alliance Of Canadian Home Inspectors). Steve Balshin ")

Harry why not pass on some of your wisdom instead of always complaining about what you see on NACHI.

FYI this was a good beginner course, because part of it was required to do/read before the weekend the information that was delivered went quickly. Even existing inspectors gathered a few new tips.
Most educational offerings are good even as a refresher and a good round table discussion about various issues.

Even one of my inspectors described what a great electrical course NACHI put on in Toronto a few years ago and how much he learned there too.

It is always good to get together with other inspectors to enjoy company and chat and learn.

Thanks Allan hope they had a good turn out , More info would be appreciated … Roy

Roy ,as you constantly say,no one has any wisdom except you,so I am pleased to read what you have to say every day,because with out your comments about every thing under the sun,I would not be able to function,keep up the good work

Harry you are a strange person you feel NACHI should let you and others say what you want in our home but get upset when I or others read what you say in the OAHI forum.
Life is a two way street for most people but not the OAHI association . Well that attitude is why NACHI is growing and OAHI/CAHPI is shrinking. You had you chance to help the industry and chose to run a closed system and now you moan about what others do.
So sad for you Harry you have been asked many times to help the Homies and just choose to complain about what others do .
You keep looking at NACHI many hours every day and very little ever gets posted on the OAHI Forum .
Most members never post.
Trying to make NACHI look bad is silly as you can see many post a huge amount of information that helps the Industry big time .
All the best… Harry can you please tell us has OAHI done any thing for the industry in the last few years .

Thanks Harry

I find it very humorous that you and others try to make NACHI and its members look bad .
You try to make those Canadians look bad who can see that your Partner (" Claude ") and the others in that self appointed secret group are not give out the facts about what they want.
Stay tuned there is more information to be posted shortly .
It sure is great for you and that group have this Forum to try and spread their POO POO .
All the best but your complaining will not stop the facts from coming out .

I agree with Mr. Janssen. We need to get Roy on Twitter. :wink:

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Subject: Incredible!

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THIS IS INCREDIBLE… Read all the Numbers…
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Be Careful not to MISS ANY **
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It’s so easy to amuse old people.