Have you had to suffer throught a NACHI-unfriendly CE provider lately? Let us know.

We have decided to lend our marketing power, free of charge, to any school or continuing education provider competing with a NACHI-unfriendly school (or even schools that employ NACHI-unfriendly instructors).

Please… if you had to sit through any CE courses where the instructor had anything less than glowing praise for NACHI… let us know. We want to find that provider’s competitors and inform them of the windfall support we will now bestow upon them at no charge… and if we have to upstart new schools in those areas… so be it.

We are going to put our best efforts into knocking NACHI-unfriendly schools out of business, kill their attendance, give their customers (students) better, less expensive options, or at least make it very unprofitable to hire biased instructors.

Please tell us of your experiences by emailing fastreply@nachi.org

And if you are a NACHI-friendly CE provider, let us know. We can help pack your classrooms… no charge.

Hey Nick do the same conditions apply to Canadian educational organizations? I know Humber College has had some instructors slam NACHI and I think Seneca too!

Or is this just another American only offer?

I would tend to disagree, because I have encouraged my students to be open minded and that selection does include NACHI. In fact several of these participants are members that do participate on the forum.

I would like to use more of the marketing and information materials from NACHI - but I am equally concerned about the potential threat of being sued by NACHI for copyright and plagiarism. Certainly the college itself is concerned about that too!

Now lets reverse the tables and rephrase the question about those that have slammed Humber College and viable training venues for being “home in spection diploma mills”. What about that scenario? Seems there are plenty of those slamming post on the Canadian side of the NACHI forum that back up my comments.

If you would like me to remove web links to the NACHI site - I will galdly oblige!

Claude, One of the Online Course Faciltators for Humber College.

.Claude why don’t you play fair you jumped on me for saying things about Bill Mullen that you felt where improper but completely ignored all the improper things Bill Mullen and Dave Bottoms has said about Raymond Wand and Myself .
It should be a two way street .
Not proper for you to allow your biased favoritism show …

…All red posts above are by me Roy Cooke

Here, in Illinois, we just beat them at their own game.

We have two state licensed CE courses with NACHI as the licensed education provider.

This state requires 12 hours of state licensed CE per two year license term.

CE providers, usually, charge between 179.00 and 280.00 for 6 hours of CE.

We provide 6 hours on a sliging scale.

  • NACHI Chicago Chapter member - $25.00
  • NACHI member, not a Chapter member - $40.00
  • Non-NACHI member - $90.00
    Better education, more challanging and less than half the price even for non-NACHI members!

The excess monies, over an above the room cost and breakfast and lunch, goes into the Chapter’s coffers and is used for advertising, both of the Chapter, its members and of NACHI in general.

Would you say win, win? :mrgreen:

Beat them at their own game.

Thanks Will this just again confirms what many of know NACHI is GREAT
Roy Cooke . RHI. CAHPI-ON

Passing this on to Lew Capaul-
He had an interesting experience in WA.


I had the same experience as Ray at HUMBER.I took a few courses there and the one person that was knocking NACHI you know him very well.At the time i didn’t know about NACHI OR OAHI.I was allways encouraged to join OAHI at HUMBER, at the same time i heard a lot of negative things about NACHI. That’s when i decided to look into both organizations on my own.THERE IS NO COMPARISON.
You must agree with me on this.All you have to do is go on the OAHI site and see for yourself,tell me what you can learn from site,apart from what the requirements to be RHI and the cost of courses and locations.
I’m currently finishing my last two[2] courses at GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE.
I have encouraged several new inspectors to join NACHI and they have no intentions of joining OAHI.The main reason,classification of members.
It seems to me that OAHI is a very private organization good only if you are RHI.They love having student members,dues,courses.
Claude I’m 48 years old have been in the construction business for 30+years
and have been around.Most of the students in my class at humber much younger,easily swayed by RHI instructor.

P.s. I Have Never Slammed Humber,in Fact The Opposite I Have Allways Maintained That Humber Has The Best Home Inspection Course.the Only Reason I’m At George Brown Is Proximity To My Residence.i Also Think That George Brown Has A Great Home Inspection Course.


I wish you all the best in getting an answere from Claude he avoids me on my questions .
Roy Cooke

Humber College is my alma mater! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Many, many years ago.

I hear good things about George Brown, that is were I took my realestate course too!


*Because its about money. NACHI is diverting potential members away from OAHI-CAHPI $$ cha ching. Its not anyones fault this is happening but OAHI-CAHPI’s, and I think NACHI’s timing as an alternative was the straw that broke the Camels back.

OK - fine Ray starts with one example and certainly there are tons of others out there. Now lets lead this discussion to comments made at association meetings. Do we need to go there too? Shall I pull a few storys out of my list of comments made against NACHI members bashing other assocaitions. When will all of this craziness stop!

But for the records, myself or my business partners do not receive one cent for endorsing or not endorsing an association. So there is no hidden agenda or paid endorsements. Ethically, it is not right to act unprofessionally. So why favour one group over another. But perhaps if any person regardless of the training venue bad mouths another association it is either personal opinion, or it should be dealt with and reported to the training provider. The same applies at association meetings, and equally as well right here on this forum. A lot of the discussions are laced with ill-will. Some feel until NACHI feels the need to reel in some of their biggest association and naming personal name bashers - that battle will continue. Who will take the lead?

Would that not seem to be a logical first proactive step in cleaning up trashing the other association. Someone has to be smart enough and big enough to say enough is enough. But it often appears that to stop this trash talking serves only one purpose.

Certainly everyone is entitled to their opinion, but that is what separates the true professional instructors and leaders from those that think they are instructors or leaders.

The real concern I have here is that Nick’s invitation leads to the potential blacklisting or more to the point a direct opinion publicly posted threat as he states “We are going to put our best efforts into knocking NACHI-unfriendly schools out of business, kill their attendance, give their customers (students) better, less expensive options, or at least make it very unprofitable to hire biased instructors.”

Call it what you want - but this is a threat - that could be definitely dealt with much more diplomatically. The offer to give more for less - is palatible and tolerable, but parts of this statement certainly borders on the intent to monopolizing the education market, and only widening the gap between fostering true professionalism and credibility for our industry.


I can’t answer for Nick,I’m assuming he is being pro-active after hearing from members who have encountered “slamming”[as you put it] about NACHI.

I can’t blame him,can you?


If you read Nicks post he requested all correspondence to be e-mailed,not publicly posted.We are doing that, not what Nick wants I’m sure!!Besides some RHI instructors weather teaching at Humber or defect and recognition course slam NACHI openly in class with about 40-45 students.Please don’t tell me you don’t know it’s happening.



Yes here is the perfect example of slamming and it comes from OAHI-CAHPI! Its not the only one! And how does Mr. Lloyd come to the conclusion that the “other” designation is discrediting and that it may damage your business"? Its an assumption on his part, otherwise he would be able to back that statement up. There is no proof whatsoever, only fear mongering on the part of OAHI to hide its lack of accountability and jealousy of what NACHI is able to do. Pathetic is what it is.


Claude has been in denial for sometime. De-Nial is not a river in Egypt! :wink:

Don’f forget Members of OAHI have on the OAHI Canuck Forum continued to slander Nachi and Nick and other members of Nachi, and have remained unsuspened due to subjective monitoring and flouting of the web forum rules. Also the CANUCK list is rife with negative disertations on Nachi by Oahi directors and certain other members of Oahi. These include the Editor in Chief of the CHI magazine and the National Spokesperson, and one Ontario Test Inspection Peer Review inspector.


‘THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL’ sooner or later …

proud NACHI member as i’m sure we all are

I did not open the “can of worms” - I simply responded to a comment about “an instructor” at Humber College. Certainly if there is an issue with an instructor there are two options as I stated before - voice that to the college program chair, or send me a private email and I can deal with it internally. Would that seem reasonable and professional rather than starting to turn this into another “pissing” match.

I would assume that the same manner of dealing with such concerns should be dealt with fairly, and with substantiated facts with all such similar circumstances. But it seems some would rather air that stuff here! Perhaps some feel that makes them feel better than the rest. I am sure that was not what Nick intended in his opening post.

Claude, in 15 years NACHI filed one law suit against PHIC and dropped it. We prefer to win in the open market. We’ve made everything we have available to almost everyone in the industry at no charge. Our reputation as being a generous contributor to the industry is conceded even by our biggest critics.

You might be confusing us with No-member-benefit, Scumbag NAHI, the association that sues because it can’t compete http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=5106. Scumbag NAHI’s Code of Ethics is so bad (Scumbag NAHI permits its inspectors to work to correct defects they find during their own inspections) that it recently had to put out a 4 page paper explaining why their so unethical: http://www.nachi.org/the_lady_doth_protest_too_much_methinks.htm