Free study guide for InterNACHI's Florida Home Inspector Licensing Exam

Free study guide for InterNACHI’s Florida Home Inspector Licensing Exam for downloading now available from our partner InspectorOutlet.

To practice for the exam, take InterNACHI’s online home inspector exam, which is free and open to everyone. The questions of the InterNACHI Florida Home Inspector Licensing Examination (state exam) are sourced from InterNACHI’s online training courses for home inspectors, which are free to members, and from Chapter 468, Part XV, FL Statutes and FL Chapter 61-30, FAC, and from InterNACHI’s online WDO course.

Free PDF download from InspectorOutlet.

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Its only one page long…Is the test really that easy?

That page doesn’t contain the information you need, it contains directions to the sources of the information you need. The guide guides you to the list of InterNACHI courses you should take and the InterNACHI material you should study.

Really?..So you sign up to get a PDF that tells you to study:

Florida regs, SOP, CEU’s Laders, Report, written contracts, discrimination, roofs, exterior, HVAC, Foundation and structural, Electrical, plumbing, insulation, interior, indoor air quality, Radon and WDO

Did you really need to make that a “FREE” download? Seems kinda common sense…I really had to sign up to get that “STUDY GUIDE”?..

Yes. Isn’t the Florida Section an open section of the message board? Can non members view this section? Think about that for a minute.

Yes. It’s the#1 questions students in Florida ask us. “What should I study?” We got tired of answering it so we make them download this guide and read it. Saves staff a lot of time. Pointing them to and asking them to figure it out wasn’t working. For example, most students are surprised to discover that the FL DBPR required InterNACHI to include a pool of WDO and radon questions on the Florida Home Inspector pre-licensing exam.

SO why not put it on the message board in the Florida section?

Hell, you have the ability to make it the FIRST post all day, everyday of that section.

Just seemed kinda silly to make that a download…just my opinion is all…

Making them download it worked. Calls stopped dead.

Why not make a practice exam? Even if it consists of 400 questions…?

There is an InterNACHI
practice exam for Florida. Take it over and over till you getting in the high eighties and you are almost sure to pass the test.

Michael, I can’t find a Florida specific practice exam. Can you provide a link or description of where to find it?

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Me too, I haven’t been able to find a practice exam for it.