Free Webinar on Equine Thermal Imaging and United Infrared Thursday March 24th

Are you interested in United Infrared, Inc. but still have questions about our company and our business model? Please join us for a FREE webinar on Thursday, March 24th at 8:00AM Pacific Time, 11AM Eastern time, with Greg Stockton and Peter Hopkins who can answer all your questions. Click on the link below to register for the webinar and post your questions. All will be answered!
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Some Questions to be discussed:

  1. How many members are there currently in United Infrared?
  2. How much does it cost and what does it get me?
  3. I already have a successful business, why would I need to join?
  4. I have no experience but really am fascinated with this business, how do I sign up?
  5. How often do you offer training classes
  6. What are some future coming training modules of United Infrared?
  7. Is there any guarantee of success?
  8. What ongoing fees are associated with membership?and many more…
    Interested in EquineIR™?
    Some topics to be discussed:
    and many more.Registration Web Link:
    A couple things to look at before which will help you: also check out our training calendar at

Are you interested in EquineIR™, but you still have questions? Following the webinar listed above, at 9:30 Pacific time, 12:30 Eastern time, Peter Hopkins, creator of EquineIR™, will be conducting a webinar to answer all your questions.

  1. Is there a money making opportunity with Equine Imaging
  2. I understand I get a territory, how does this work
  3. How do I know if my territory has other members?
  4. What are the costs of the class?
  5. When is the next class and where do we find out the next ones?
  6. How much does the interpretation services cost and how long do they take?
  7. What is the demand for this service right now?
  8. I am a building inspector and don’t know anything about horses, is this still a posibility for me?

What about us who have already taken the class? You got any room for us? I would know all these answers had you not picked a hotel where I got stuck with a broken alarm clock…

I actually started my Equine marketing efforts about a week ago. I was just today trying to order some Utah Infrared shirts for a big upcoming horse(& chariots) race.

Last week at the Salt Lake City Board of Realtor’s Texas-hold-um tournament, I won a raffle prize for a free 5 page website designed to my liking along with a years free hosting from a company called MegaPixel Web Design. My newest website should be launched VERY soon.

The website was the easiest process ever, I gave them all the United Infrared EquineIR pamphlets and a thumb-drive with some pictures on it and said “I need this info on a website, Thanks!”

I printed off about 75 business card stickers and slapped them on the United Infrared EquineIR pamphlets so on April 2nd and 3rd I’ll be ready to roll(or ride).

I recently got an invitation to Utah’s States horse stables which is huge. They have several people wanting to assist to see what it’s all about so it should be fun. I may head up there this up-coming Monday and see if I can’t help a few horses out.

It seems like the hardest part of the whole EquineIR program is just actually making the decision to pursue it vs. continuing to pursue what you already know(home inspections in my case). I’ve decided twice now that I wouldn’t take inspections on Thursday as that would be my EquineIR day. I ended up taking inspections on both Thursdays vs. sticking to the plan.

I hope to be scanning horses every Thursday this Spring which seems VERY doable for my area. I’m looking forward to the change of scenery(and non-freezing temps).