Free Wind Mitigation Report software for InterNACHI members from BestInspectors.Net

27 July 2011

Free Wind Mitigation Report software for InterNACHI members from BestInspectors.Net

Florida now has a standard format for Wind Mitigation inspections, the “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form”. BestInspectors, the industry leader in home, commercial and specialty property inspection software, is giving free copies of the BestInspectors.Net WindSurance, Standard Edition, Wind Mitigation Report software absolutely free to InterNACHI members for a limited time. WindSurance is a concise, easy to use PDF report that can be used either as a paper report or as an electronic report.

A premium Edition of WindSurance is also available. Of course, as a InterNACHI member, if you later decide to move up to the premium edition, you will be assured of getting the lowest price available through the BestInspectors.Net InterNACHI Store. InterNACHI members can request a free copy of the InspecTrex PDF™ report by completing this short membership form: You will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your request to join the Great Lakes chapter. A download link will be e-mailed to you upon confirmation of your request.

BestInspectors.Net is a subsidiary of Management Science International, Inc (formerly Management Science Institute). Established in 1992, Management Science International provides training, consulting and software for home and commercial building inspection, construction trades, project management, facilities maintenance, fire and explosion investigation, real estate and appraisal. Management Science International is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Sign up for it now. Free.

Got mine! Thanks everyone!

Looks like it’s only for Florida. Too bad. We have wind in Colorado, too. Oh well.

Sounds good - I registered. Question: Is this the “demo” version on their site…? If so, it appears not to allow printing or saving…?

What is the difference between the free version and the premium edition?

The Premium Edition uses Extended Reader Usage Rights (ERUR). ERUR takes advantage of the latest PDF technology (version 1.7) which has only been available for about a month. WIth ERUR, you can use the free Adobe Reader X to do advanced editing, commenting, annotation, saving of form data and so on.

A couple of inspectors have asked whether the Standard Edition (the one that is free to InterNACHI members) allows printing or is a demo version. Yes, it allows printing. It is not a demo.

Both the Standard and the Premium Editions require Adobe Reader X. It can be downloaded here:

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Worth taking a look at but I will would rather pay John S. what he requires for his time and get them from an experienced Florida Inspector.

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Allinspections seems to have a good setup also. Been using them to do roof certs. Cost me 2.00 per report…very reasonable very easy to use.
I believe they are based in Clearwater Fl
Oh yea…I do carry cards of a couple of good Realtors and hand them out all the time


You are right, I am not in Florida (or California for that matter). We did the Wind Mitigation software at the request many of our customers in Florida. The inspectors who were behind the development of our software have done many hundreds of wind mitigation inspections. They put a lot of time and effort into coming up with something that fulfills a need.

I do lots of home and building inspections and I have been pushing the idea of building better wind resistant structures for many years. We do not have hurricanes where I am but we have tornadoes, and sometimes lots of them. I have seen the devastation of tornadoes first hand. I remember the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado that touched down a few blocks from our house like it was yesterday. I was astounded to learn a few years later that many of the houses would have remained standing had they had a mere $100 or so worth of nails and straps. It is sad - no, it’s tragic - to know that for the cost of a few dollars, builders in my area still will not build more wind resistant houses.

So, even though I may not be doing exactly the same inspection that is now called a “wind mitigation” inspection in Florida, I have been on the wind resistance soapbox for more than 30 years. Inspectors in Florida who are doing wind mitigation are performing a valuable service. I support that.

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Or, you could just get Adobe 9 or 10 pro and do it yourself and have the benefit of converting other forms into executable pdf forms.

I gotta agree with Russ. John is an inspector not a software writer but it would have been nice and even beneficial to your company if you or Nick had at least asked for his input. John put alot into NACHI’s latest wind mit course, both developing it and teaching it, he deserves the courtesy and respect of consulting with him.

This is not to nay-say what you offer. What I see on your site and in your news letter is great. Just don’t leave out the guys in the trenches.

With todays software it’s not that hard to convert forms from pdf to word make them fill in type forms and convert them back to pdf.

For the 1000 time PDF fill. For all your pdf needs.

George is technically my competitor. That said, he is a good guy and has been on this forum for years. He has traveled with Nick since almost the beginning of InterNACHI helping him at the InterNACHI booth. I’ve seen him do this myself several times over the past few years helping Nick.

This of course does not in any way put down what John has done (which I applaud him for). I’m just saying that I don’t understand putting down Nick because George releases a PDF fill program for inspectors.

Isnt this the same as the forms John gave out free to everyone already?