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Nick you confuse the hell out of me all the time.

You have this whatever software it is and I think John Shishilla has the forms as well and they can be edited and used and I think for a few dollars he will even customize them for your specific company.

But lets give this guy George the ball who, I think, is from CALIFORNIA. How many wind mitigation reports has he done? How many does he do? I would bet to say, not many if any. I have no idea who George is and not bashing him at all. I am bashing YOU NICK for your blantant disrespect towards your members.

John WROTE the majority of the wind mit class! You have no respect for people, only yourself. It such a shame you do not support those who help you so very much.

I then come to find out your in bed with AAA SHAM schools AGAIN. They are the lead trainers for Florida. Once again, turn your back on actual INSPECTORS who may be hurting and could use the money by giving the classes and decide to sleep with that crap school again. You should be ashamed of yourself and embarrassed by your actions and yet you walk around like a peacock.

When will you ever side with those who got you where you are today? When you will you see that people who actually do this day in and day out are better than those who sit behind a desk and read about it?

When will you ever see that your people support you 100% and you give them the high hard one every chance you get.

Can’t wait to see you in Florida again. Watch you hand out 5 books, 10 T-shirts and think you walk on water…Sad sad sad…

Thanks Ed…I am a firm believer in Brothers helping Brothers. Together we can move mountains. I also believe that we can be stronger than the Realtor organizations. But people like keeping us down. Could you imagine if people starting asking inspectors ALL THE TIME for the name of a good Realtor? Think about it.

George - without a doubt I can see your passionate about this and my hat is off to you. But when NACHI needed ANYTHING to do with wind mitigation in Florida would it not have been prudent to contact the person who helped write the book, given class after class for free and often costing over $1000 each time to give it, organized one hell of a chapter dedicated to home and insurance inspectors to promote NACHI.

I will always stand up for my brothers and will continue to voice my opinions when it comes to throwing them under a bus. Nick is far from being a dummy he is very smart and calculating. I just wonder why he does these things. When he can help 100’s of actual members who would give their left arm for him, he shuns them and then partakes on an alliance with vendors. I guess we are just different in many ways. I tend to believe in giving to those who support me.

Dom I can see your point and its a valid one. I still with stick with my thought direction. It’s not only George it is all this crap. I will try to explain my thought process and views better and more clearly. I am not saying what I am thinking is right, just my views. Let me explain:

The lead program for training in Florida was given to AAA schools. This entity travels to give the class, with that said, it must not take a permanent building to give the class and it can be mobile.

My thought is why give it to a COMPANY? Why not train as many NACHI inspectors in Florida to give the class? Numerous things can then be done. Maybe people would VOLUNTEER to give the class in their area and charge a fee that can go to rent and set up and the rest can go to a legislative fund or NACHI Nickles? Why not give this class maybe to raise money for an active member who has come down with Lukemia? Why not have this class and let someone who is a great teacher maybe needs some help financially? Why NOT ANY of these items?

It has been mentioned time and time again and it gets ignored time and time again. So the right thing to do is keep vendors who absolutely have financial gain of flooding the industry with new inspectors capitalize on NACHI and the name so many members help build? What have they done for the membership? Please don’t tell me provide a service, because what they do is provide a disservice of our profession.

So Dom I do see your point, and I see your an awesome vendor with a drive to improve the betterment of our profession. What others do is capitalize on our profession without reguard to its growth and success. I see you here everyday helping tons of people at no cost. Two totally different scenarios. How many posts do you have Dom and how many does George have, I think that tell a story in itself.

Once again, this is just a view of a member (me), agree or disagree its up to each person to judge it as they see fit. But as long as Nick sides with Vendors who have every intention of flooding our market and decreasing its professional image, I am going to stand up.

George you are a stand up guy. I see your efforts and they are applauded. You were just another catalyst that struck a nerve with me. For any offense to you personally I apologize whole heartedly. You were just the tipping point to the BS.

But, George let me say this, John Shishilla spent hours upon hours working on the wind mitigation course for Nick, Nick gets these books printed and then sells them for a profit. So in other words Nick gets people to do his work for free and then makes money on the books! What a scam that is alone.

Now besides all of that, John Shishilla already had this and it has been there for a long period of time. What accolades did he get? Did he get the PRESS RELEASE? He was giving it out for free and was pretty much he same as you. He would modify all the forms for you with your personal logo for about $100.

Would it not have been prudent to notify the organization of Johns stuff out of respect? I mean, he STARTED a successful chapter that he started from scratch. He travels all over Florida to teach the insurance portions and in particular Wind Mitigation. He had to known about it, HE WAS THERE when John announced it. He might have been too busy with his kronies to notice.

People think John donates his time to give these classes. OMG, you are SOOOOO wrong. Not only is it his time, he has to pay for his meals, time off work, hotels, gas, and help organize something 4 hours away. So it problably costs him $1500 to give a class! This is out of his own pocket.

Once again, it appears he rolled out the red carpet for you and **** all over John. I just don’t see it as fair.

But with that being said…that was the small portion. His alliance with that POS school AAA is a whole different story. He has monopolized this crap organization to be the ONLY lead authorized teaching entity in Florida. George you can think whatever you want about Nick and I can do the same.

I do know this is no “organization” its a business and all the profits go to the Gromickos. Non profit does not mean no one makes money.

I can show you one way to scam it. I don’t know if it happening, but it is a way. I get John Shishilla to write me a book, my family and office proof read it and make corrections. So I get the book written for about $2,000 in salaries and I give John a one line thank you on a message board. Not so bad huh? $2000 for a book that I really had nothing to do with and it appears as though I wrote it.

Now let say I get this book printed for $7 because I get them in bulk from Gromicko publishing. I now sell my book to Inachi for $42 (Look at the website for pricing) Thats $35 profit PER book. Now the sales are not so good on the website. So now do you know what I do? You got it, I give them away! What a scam that would be.

  1. Get others to write it
  2. Get them printed for $7
  3. Sell them to Inachi for $42
  4. And then give them all away!..

I am not saying it happens…But its just a possibility…

As far as Nick listnening…he will if there is something in it for him.

His alliances should be with no other except those who got him where he is today…thats the inspectors…plain and simple.…-charge-39979/ just saying

You continue to line AAA schools pockets. Why you refuse to do this is beyond me. I will promise you I have no intentions of starting a school of any type. I will not give a class for personal profit. But teach my peers who are hurting and give them the opportunity to do so. Nothing better than inspectors teaching inspectors. Not scam AAA schools. Why did you choose Ben? He is a great inspector, I would assume, and not just your brother.

So NACHI used my money to get the Lead safety approved and then makes AAA schools the training authority. NICE…

Why in the world would NACHI align themselves with a school? I am confused, unless a permanent facility is needed. Why not teach its members to teach its inspectors. I have mentioned this time and time again.

Why didn’t several inspectors get lead certified to teach the course. Then give the course chapter meetings and then take the money and put it in a fund for legislative measures or for other needed matters? Why do WE TEACH others and recommend SCHOOLS who’s whole purpose is to get more inspectors in the business and cut our throats? Why would you ever do that? You have no idea the people crusading for you and you do this to them? Do you want chapters to have to ask its members for money for items needed such as NACHI nickles, legislative funds when it could all be raised inhouse without getting into peoples pockets and taught by brothers.

It was the same with AAA before, it was the same with Casey and O’Malley and here we are again. It’s you game you own the ball there is nothing I can do. What I can do, is everytime rant and rave about it. If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. I want to be part of the solution.

You stop shi t ting on me and my brothers and I will stop pissing on parades.

Now let me ask you a few questions Russell…

Do you believe George when he explained that I knew nothing of his product until he told me to roll it out? Or do you think George is a liar?

I believe every single word. But don’t you read what you put on the board?

Do you believe George when he explained that we don’t take a cut from any of his products or services and never have. Or do you think George is a liar?

Once again, who ever called George a liar? I didn’t and as a matter of fact I applauded his efforts twice and commended him. I have no problem with George why are you trying to make one? Please re-read my posts.

Do you believe the EPA when they set a rule that requires members to take our hands-on EPA-approved lead course if they want to teach it. Or do you think the EPA is lying?

What does this have to do with anything? Your confused, totally confused at the whole scanario and trying to make it something its not. Why are you doing that?

Do you believe Ben when he writes in his email to me and explains that he offered, by both phone and email, to pay John. Or do you think Ben is a liar?

Never called Ben a liar and consider him one of your best assets and never said anything to the contrary? If you reread my many post I have always said you are the best education resource for our profession hands down. Your point being?

Do you believe John when he writes in his email to Ben that he doesn’t want paid money but wants a credit instead. Or do you think John is a liar?

John a liar? Where do you come up with stuff. Do you write you own material or has a crack head got your user name and password and started typing this?

Maybe my posts appear different on your screen. Never called anyone a liar and my only beef is with YOU. Trying to drag others into your losing battle is just a shame. Trying to turn the tide is rather embarrassing for yourself isn’t it? Just man up and help inspectors help inspectors. You align with crap schools that screw over YOUR inspectors. You did it now deal with it and make it right.

I will say it again, stop s(h)itting on my brothers I will stop pissing on your parade.

I already replied here: third grader.

LMAO…thats all you got? Wow, you are much less of an apponent then I thought. Still trying to drag George to your defense? Nick you can portray me as the villan. You are the one doing wrong to your members and it is not defensible as seen in your comments.

I have never turned my back on members to give business to people or COMPANIES that put a bad light on my…yes MY profession. You are NOT a home inspector. I know back in the day…blah blah blah…this is not the old days and I could care less what you did in the past. My concern is the present and the fellow inspectors. They make their money INSPECTING you make yours by getting members and the more the marrier in a field where they might be hurting for revenue. You job is to increase the number of inspectors and lessen the piece of pie. Thats ok, and thats life and thats the way you want to be and its your organization, so it is what it is. But I don’t have to deal with it and will not.

You will continue to shi(t) on inspectors and I will continue to piss on your parade. Its that simple.

Now pretend I called people liars and pretend I said bad things. My posts are right here and can be read and people can come to their own conclusions.

O…I almost forgot big guy. I JUST RENEWED my membership! Wooohoooo…365 more days of my love for Nick…Worth every penny…

Third grader, I replied here already:

So did Dom and George.

For the record:

Nick and Ben did offer pay to help write the wind mit class. I declined. I just want inspectors to do them correctly(or as best as they can be done:twisted:). I did not write the class alone, other people had a hand doing many parts including editing and research. I appreciate that I was thought of for the class and I am just glad that there is a class that the INachi inspectors can refer to.

I do not advertise that I will make forms.

I like to help other inspectors improve their services.

I make much more money doing inspections then anyone could or would pay me for the other stuff.

I do not like how AAA and licensing made inspectors look unprofessional.

I hope that helps clear a few things up, for those following.

and that is all I have to say about that.:wink:

Forest Gump right? Man I love that movie.


Russel. Face it. You messed up and were wrong. Happend to me, many times.

Live, learn and move on. It is just part of growing up.

Hope this helps.

Your correct I should not have hijacked a thread. To me that is all I was wrong about.

I am more concerned by your comments.
George has been with NACHI a long time and Nick has a right to push anyone he pleases.

This is a vendor driven association and many of our benefits are paid for by the choices he has made.

Your biggest mistake is thinking NACHI Association SOP (does not exist) is the same as membership SOP.

Running a Inspector business and a Association business are two different things.

That being said you once mentioned you never look at negatives while this thread is all negative and attack.

Please notice you are the only one complaining.(something must be going on under the shades).

Why stick up for a sly logo vendor who gave you a free logo that disappeared and attack the founder of your own organization instead ?

Thanks Bob! Yes, I am a vendor but I joined InterNACHI as an inspector and still earn the majority of my income as an inspector. I also put on more free classes than paid classes for inspectors and most of those are continuing education. I am definitely not flooding the market with new inspectors.

Speaking of which, we (Great Lakes InterNACHI) are doing a free 8-hour seminar September 17th in Ann Arbor. Mike Crow is our featured speaker. I’d like to have you there. It is a straight shot up I94, about 4-hours. We are before Detroit, Coming from Chicago, so you can avoid the Detroit traffic.


Thanks George though Crowe accused me of stealing his business because I took a picture of him on stage.
The guy did not impress me.
Notice he is is never here. hmmmmm.

Do you even know the story about this? I would venture not. I never received a “free” logo of my desire. He made some that I never asked for or used. I did however give him money in which I was to get future services and he ran off without providing this sercice. So be it.

As far as his attacks on Nick, I did not see them and maybe they are true. Who knows, that is not my fight and I could care less about him and Nick. Thats not my arguement thats his.

If it was wrong to reach out and help a brother who was down on his luck to help him make money and got screwed, well thats on me. I will live another day.

Bob you have no idea what has been going on here in Florida and Nachi’s love affair with AAA schools. Since grandfathering came out they have screwed our profession over time and again. They HONESTLY were professioning that they could teach a person to become a Home Inspector with 14 hours of education. They even said it at one of our meeting.

This meeting was held in a Reator Association center. Now how would you feel a nachi “vendor” bragging about getting you qualified with 14 hours of education.

Now go charge $400 for an inspection on a house when they have been advertising all over hell saying that you can be taught our profession in 14 hours.

Now even worse send this to all the trades and brag about it. So when something you call out in an inspection and a tradesman comes in behind you laughing at your profession, showing people a card saying that it only takes 14 hours of education to get the education requirements to get licensed. Sell that to people.

I know, I know that state made those requirments but NACHI backed this school and let them use the NACHI organization as an edorsement on all advertising.

The day I saw that, all NACHI anything has left all of my advertising . Because Bob one day it will hit you. Nachi does not advertise for you, you advertise for NACHI.

Did you see the NACHI ad in the Realtor magazine last week? Maybe you saw it on the Billboard in Chicago. Maybe on the newletter sent out to mortgage companies…No wait, they advertise to NONE of these.

They mandate you use it on your website and put it here and there. Bob thats not for your benefit. ITS FOR NACHI’s. You advertise for them and they do not pay you back.

Now the big question all will ask. Why stay a member Russ? I love the educational benefits and without NACHI I would not met some of the wonderful people that I have met. My chosen profession as a Home Inspector means alot to me and so do those in it. I honestly feel the more qualified and professional my peers are the more money we can demand for these inspections. Do the same amount of work for more money. But as long as NACHI stands by vendors such as AAA schools as its go to vendor for education and they continue to portray us ina poor light, I will continue to be the “only one” complaining.

You may been the mind set what can one person do? Look at what Nick has done and he was just one guy. Wasn’t he the only one complaining about ASHI? I would rather be a member and fight for what is right from the inside rather than the outside.

I did apologize to George and I did move my comments not to hijack this thread.

So Bob…that is why. You can say it has validity to it or not, but since you have not been harmed by a NACHI vendor then I guess it does not affect and you and I can see why it is so blasse to you.

So, you drag your crap over here to disparage another fellow member’s school? Let me tell you something about AAA. They are licensed by YOUR state. Their curriculum (they use InterNACHI’s) is approved by YOUR state. Their instructors are fellow InterNACHI members. Their owners are fellow InterNACHI members. They flew to Boulder, Colorado twice to have InterNACHI help them improve their training. Their fine program includes 80 hours of online education (taken on InterNACHI’s website), includes 40 hours of hands-on, in-field training using actual homes that they arranged to have available, includes hundreds of quizzes, and includes dozens of exams. AAA runs a damn good program. The cost is $1,805.00 of which $365 is paid to InterNACHI to support the programs our membership enjoys.


Grandfathering ended, so stop with the 14 hour crap. It is a red herring you keep bringing up to provide an excuse to attack other vendors.

And stop attacking your fellow members like George Wells, a long-time member who has given away more to InterNACHI members than you can imagine.

You just keep hiding behind that one school (during a brief time when YOUR state used to require fewer hours) to attack members for stuff that has nothing to do with them (in this case, George offering fellow members a free Wind Mitigation form). George has nothing to do with AAA and never has.

Both AAA and (which have nothing to do with each other) are providing great products, services, education and hands-on, in-field training for our industry.

Next time you attack a fellow member for offering something for free to your fellow members (and I suspect we won’t have to wait long for that :roll: ), see if you can do it without saying “AAA.”

You want to teach our EPA-approved lead course? You can. But you have to fly to Boulder, Colorado too and take the hands-on training from Ben. Those are the EPA’s rules. We didn’t write Florida’s grandfathering rules and we didn’t write EPA’s course instructor rules… and George certainly didn’t either. Leave him alone.