Free Wind Mitigation Report

WindSurance Wind Mitigation Report, Standard Edition, is free to InterNACHI members

Included in the free version:
Wind Mitigation
Job Order Form
Photo Album
Addendum for Additional Comments
Wood Destroying Organisms
Roof Certification
Inspection Workflow Checklist
Buyer-Seller Pre-inspection Checklist
Inspection Agreement

Hi George,

Maybe it’s me…having a problem finding the download for the free wind mit form you so graciously offered. What am I doing wrong? I already am a subscriber.

Thanks again,


And, how do you register without using your facebook login?

How do you get your free wind mitigation if you are allready signed in ???

The report it can not be save on my computer after each form, how can I save the report form on my computer?

George at sells a version that allows you to save pictures and all. It’s pretty good. I like it. I think there is another version that I think John Shishilla has - not sure who was selling it that many also liked. Contact him, Honor Construction is his firm/company. Again, not sure if it was him or someone else.

The report it can not be save on my computer after each form, how can I save the report form on my computer?

I am pretty sure you need to buy the extended version in order to save or print the report.

You could download a free print driver and print to pdf and save the results. In some pdf versions you can use the free adobe acrobat reader to save the form.

You can print the report or do as John suggested and print to a PDF print driver with the free version. The paid version has full Reader Usage Rights enabled.

I highly recommend the paid version of Windsurance. It also does roof certs and has the state WDO form. Think the cost is $125 and it is well worth it. I have had many compliments from agents on the report.

If you want to be taken and paid as a professional, you must present yourself as a professional.


have you built an android version yet?


The report can be used on an Android with a PDF editor such as Repligo or QPDF Notes. On the iPad, I recommend Write PDF or PDF Expert. Be sure to flatten the PDF before you send it to your customer.

The free version can be printed or saved as a PDF by sending it through a PDF print driver (also free). The Premium version has full Extended Reader Usage Rights which will allow saving the form data in the form for later editing. The Premium version can also be used on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android phones or tablets, Mac, and Windows PCs.

Get the free version:

or the Premium Version:

best place to go for the forms is one time fee complete package.

Just another ploy to get your email address.

If you are looking for an awesome android version you may want to check these two out:
Here is the demo version you can play with:

Here is the version without the PDF water mark:

click the “X” upper-right of your FB info to clear and login manually…

@George: the 3 “optional” entries on the subscription form are not acting as optional and forcing city, phone, web site info. Just a heads-up


Thanks for the feedback. There are two sign-up forms for the Florida Newsletter. I checked the settings and tested both forms. The forms worked properly. With the first form, approximately 37.2 percent of subscribers did not complete one or more optional fields. With the second form, approximately 31.9% of subscribers did not complete one or more optional fields.

Subscribing with Facebook was an option on one of the two forms but I removed the option.